Jun 21 2010

A new blog

As I have written before I have been thinking about quitting this blog for a while. I think that is what happend today when I set up my new blog at http://maria.hagglof.info. It will be written in swedish and will mostly be about things related to media and webb somehow, with a personal touch. And for you who cares about technical details my new blog is of course set up with WordPress 3.0.

Jan 9 2010

May 2009

Life in General:

May was the month when my blog got a big revamp, I flied with an aeroplane for the first time since 2000 and I cut my hair and lost 5kg according to the hairdresser.


I played softball with a wig in the Drottningholm castle area along with Jenny and her friends. It was really fun and I hope we’ll do it again this year.


In May my mum turned 60 and celebrated her birthday together with me on Crete.

My mum and I on her birthday.

My mum and I on her birthday.


I was totally bored in school and had no motivation what so ever after coming back from my first internship period. The only good things in school this month were the lectures and workshops with Johan Lange.


I made a little comeback at my internship company when they arranged Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel. While being there I was blogging in the Habit blog.

Social Media:

In May I finally set up this wordpress blog, something I did way to late. My old blog survived for to long really. This was also the month when I got to understand how useful Twitter is. I started to follow more interesting people and got to know my first tweeps.


The month started with a trip to Crete together with my mum. We had a nice week even though it started with 3 days of rain…

In the end of the month I also made a little trip to my home county Östergötland.


I started training again and I really enjoyed it. Running along the beach in the sunrise at Crete was lovely.


May was the month when I started to read Dreams from my father by Barack Obama. A book I haven’t finished yet. I only have about 50 pages left though ;)

Mobile shot:

I’m blue…

How do you like my new hair colour?

How do you like my new hair colour?


The Photo of the month is a picture of a crazy person… I don’t really know who she is…

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

May 25 2009

Plugged in

If you can notice any differences in the blog it is because I have added some wordpress plugins today.  Whether or not they are nice, is yet to be seen but hopefully they are useful for both myself and you, my readers. Jimmy and Sanna should have my thanks for the plugin tips.

Btw, I am really tired today. I don’t know why but I’ll sleep early tonight.

May 17 2009

It works!

It was a little bug.. I can’t really believe it exists by default but now it’s fixed. Just because it works I give you this photo from Rethymnon, Crete.


May 16 2009

I can’t upload pics

True story. I can’t upload pictures to the blog. I have no idea why actually. I can upload audio files but not image files, what is up with that? I pick a file, it looks like it is uploading, when it’s done it also looks like it is uploaded, I see the info about the file but I see no thumbnail and no file seems to be uploaded. So.. What’s wrong here?

Btw, last post is haxxed. After the failed uploading procedure I have uploaded the picture to the image destination with an ftp program. And tadaa, it worked. But that’s not the way it should be done.

May 16 2009

Hello in a new shape

Hi blogreaders!

Finally I have got my thumb out and installed WordPress.

How long I will keep this theme is yet to be seen. This one is the result of a pretty fast decision. When/if I find a better one I will probably change it.

And hey, all of you wordpress users out there, I kinda need your help now with tips and tricks and you know.. what plugins you can’t live without etc.

By the way, my old blog isn’t deleted, it is to be found here: old-blog.hagglof.info.

Oh, and I realised I did something stupid. I didn’t write in my old blog that I am moving it before I moved it so those who are following me by rss are lost now :<
I am sorry for that. Hope you’ll find me soon again.