Apr 18 2010

Questions and answers

Yesterday I held a seminar about web 2.0 at Hela kyrkans hemsida in Stockholm, an event for people from all kinds of christian churches who are interested in the web. During and after the seminar I got a few questions that I want to share here as well.

General questions:

Q: What’s the thing with Twitter? You can just write 140 signs. That’s just nothing.

A: Don’t think about Twitter like that. About how little you can share. Think about how much you can get out of Twitter. When you start following people who share things your are interested in, you will see that Twitter is a goldmine. Also, most people have time to read 140 signs so alot more people will read your tweet than your blog post of 1400 signs.

Q: But how do you get people to follow you on Twitter?

A: Listen to others and they will start listening to you. You choose to follow people because you find them interesting, soon you will start to interact with them and they will most likely follow you back.

Q: Doesn’t the things you talk about go deeper than the actual web? We can’t keep on doing as we always have done in the church with the sermons as they always have been.

A: Exactly. That’s what I said in the beginning of my seminar and also showed in the Youtube movie clip. We need to rethink most things in life, of course also the church. The churches need to think about how to make services and sermons more interactive. And how to share them on the web.

Q: If I want to start up a new charity organization and advertise it through social media. How do I do?

A: There are alot of things you can do but this is how I would start: Start with making a blog. Write about the questions that are important for your organization. Use links to news articles and other blogs about these questions to get trackback links back to your blog. Make a Facebook fan page, let the RSS-feed from your blog be published on your fan page to give it content. Also add a Facebook fan page widget to your blog so that your readers can see that you are on Facebook as well. Charity works pretty good on Facebook so it should be pretty easy to get some fans. When you have got a fan base, join Twitter if your fans are there. Cause if they are they will most likely help you to share your message through Twitter as well. This is a start, the rest is individual and developed over time.

I also got a few personal questions:

Q: Why does an 8 year old kid (me back in the days) sit in front of a computer and write code?

A: I have all my life been interested in things connected to engineering. When I was a kid I liked to solve jigsaws, play with Lego, Briomec and cars. In the house there was also a Commodore64 and a book about programming in Basic. One day I just copied some code from the book to make a simple program. And then I started to analyze the code and realized that if I change the value of some variables, the program behaved in other ways. It’s just as easy as that, 8 year old girls don’t have to play with dolls.

Q: You said that you are a webjunkie and live your life through the web. What do you actually mean with that?

I got this question when we had lunch and here is where I picked up my iPhone and checked in at the restaurant with Gowalla and said:

A: I mean like this. Right now it will be known at at least four websites that I am at this restaurant. If anyone who notices it is in the neighbourhood they can come by and say hi. But this is only a part of it. I read the Twitterfeed as soon as I got a free minute or two and share things with my followers if I feel like I have something to share. I check my RSS-reader several times a day to see if my favorite blogs are updated. And I share things I am interested in, with others on the web all the time.

Q: Don’t you get stressed when living your life like that?

A: No, not since it’s so natural for me. I could cut it all off for a day if I want but that would be to strangle my life since everything I do is done through the web. That would probably make me more stressed. Most of my friends are connected to the web in the same way which means that afk-life and web-life isn’t separated for me. It’s all one life. My life. I am addicted to the Internet but I also want to be. Like you are addicted to your cellphone for example to be able to call your friends.

I probably got more questions… that I don’t remember. But I hope I answered them well on site.

Apr 11 2010

Week fourteen 2010

This week was a four days week at work, a week that has been pretty calm since we haven’t recorded any shows at my internship with 30minuter. Instead we have had an election special week with shows that we made two weeks ago at the mall Hageby Centrum. The most interesting conversation this week was about transparency in small towns, a subject we discussed for a whole day, which lead to a blog post at någotsmart. The same evening I made a little page (in swedish) about an idea I had talked to @jimmyasklund about before. A tweetup at the zoo in Kolmården. Weirdly enough I got response from more people that I don’t know than from people that I do know at Twitter.

Evenings and today I have spent on trying to prepare for the presentation of my examination project and the opposition of Sanna‘s project aswell as the seminar I will give at Hela Kyrkans hemsida next saturday. I am getting a bit nervous for that seminar since seminars actually aren’t that common on my agenda. The presentation of the examination project feels like nothing in comparison.

Tomorrow I will visit my mothers work to get some physiotherapy in their warm water filled swimming pool. It’s a part of the recovery after the broken bones.

Mar 15 2010

Internship number three

Next Monday my third internship period will start. This time I am leaving Stockholm(!) for Norrköping to do my internship at 24NT and the social media integrated TV-show 30 minuter. I will be there for ten weeks and I am looking forward to an internship period where I hopefully will learn a lot and have lots of fun.

I already know that I will miss Stockholm though. I always miss Stockholm when I am in Östergötland and when I am in Stockholm I miss my friends in Östergötland.

Oh, and if you wonder how to get an internship with broken bones, try Twitter ;)

Feb 5 2010

#525, #8307, #8314, #39 and #8782

Early morning tomorrow (read today) I am leaving Stockholm for a meeting at Sandströms head office in Vimmerby. Most likely I will blog later about what that meeting will result in. On my way back north I am doing a stop in Kisa for a meeting with the purchasing managers and after that I will go home to my parents in Norrköping for the weekend. Since the car I had planned to go with is covered with snow together with the town as it is in, I will transport myself by train. Going from Stockholm to Vimmerby and then to Kisa and finally from Kisa to Norrköping demands five vehicles, four trains and one bus. Already when I booked the tickets for this day I felt that this will probably need a hashtag on Twitter. I had almost decided to use #tagresa (trip by train in Swedish) when #541 appeared on Twitter today, which gave me a lot of anxiety for tomorrow. But now I don’t know, what do I go for? The train numbers (as in the topic) or #tagresa as one hashtag for the whole day?

Jan 15 2010

August 2009

Life in General:

In august I went back home to Stockholm and felt really good about it.


Susanna visited me in Norrköping. Together we visited Makkarakauppa and Kolmårdens Zoo and ate Greek food. I also spent some time with my friends in Linköping and in the end of the month we had a crayfish party at Tobias summer cottage.


My brother Marcus turned 30 and we celebrated him at his and CC‘s new apartment in Helsingborg.


I wrote this personal blogpost about my mum


School started again after 10 weeks of summer holiday. The first day we met our customer for the live project about dementia that we were going to start working with.


I started to hunt for a place where I could do my second internship. The hunt took place mostly at Twitter and in my blog.


I worked first half of the month and ended the summer period at work and ended with a bit of golf playing and socializing in the forest with my colleagues. That was also the end for my summer blog.

Social Media:

I became even more twitter active and used social media to promote myself for another internship period. And as mentioned above I also ended the summer blog I had at work.

Mobile shot:

Marcus and CC's turtle Berta which now unfortunately is dead is eating breakfast.

Marcus and CC's turtle Berta which now unfortunately is dead is eating breakfast.


A rhinoceros and a zebra at Kolmården Zoo.

A rhinoceros and a zebra at Kolmården Zoo.

Jan 9 2010

May 2009

Life in General:

May was the month when my blog got a big revamp, I flied with an aeroplane for the first time since 2000 and I cut my hair and lost 5kg according to the hairdresser.


I played softball with a wig in the Drottningholm castle area along with Jenny and her friends. It was really fun and I hope we’ll do it again this year.


In May my mum turned 60 and celebrated her birthday together with me on Crete.

My mum and I on her birthday.

My mum and I on her birthday.


I was totally bored in school and had no motivation what so ever after coming back from my first internship period. The only good things in school this month were the lectures and workshops with Johan Lange.


I made a little comeback at my internship company when they arranged Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel. While being there I was blogging in the Habit blog.

Social Media:

In May I finally set up this wordpress blog, something I did way to late. My old blog survived for to long really. This was also the month when I got to understand how useful Twitter is. I started to follow more interesting people and got to know my first tweeps.


The month started with a trip to Crete together with my mum. We had a nice week even though it started with 3 days of rain…

In the end of the month I also made a little trip to my home county Östergötland.


I started training again and I really enjoyed it. Running along the beach in the sunrise at Crete was lovely.


May was the month when I started to read Dreams from my father by Barack Obama. A book I haven’t finished yet. I only have about 50 pages left though ;)

Mobile shot:

I’m blue…

How do you like my new hair colour?

How do you like my new hair colour?


The Photo of the month is a picture of a crazy person… I don’t really know who she is…

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

Nov 30 2009

The storm about Urban Outfitters

Important Update 2009-12-01: Urbanoutfitters.se was never hacked. The guy who took control over the site has been the owner of the domain name for several years. Anything illegal has therefore never happened.

It has been some tough days for the Fashion store Urban Outfitters during the weekend but it has been even tougher days for the employees. But thanks to the Internet and social media the fight is on.

Three days ago I read at Habit.se that the fashion store Urban Outfitters is terminating all its staff in Stockholm after they requested a collective agreement. Of course I thought Urban Outfitters treats their staff badly but I didn’t think much more about it at that point. And since I had a weekend without a computer in front of me I kind of missed the upcoming storm. Yesterday, on the train back home I read the Twitter feed on my cellphone and understood that urbanoutfitters.se was hacked since Saturday afternoon. When I came home I realized that the page was a search generated twitter feed on the keywords urbanoutfitters.se and #urbanoutfitters_se. Most of the tweets were from people stating they were going to boycott Urban Outfitters or wishing them a bad Christmas sales. Badly enough I didn’t take a screenshot of it, something I really regret today and this morning Urban Outfitters had control over their site again (it took a pretty long time in my opinion). Nikke Lindqvist took a screenshot with his iPhone though, at the Saturday when the page pointed to the new Facebook group.

Urbanoutfitters.se looked like this during the saturday. Screenshot by Nikke Lindqvist.

Urbanoutfitters.se looked like this during the saturday.Screenshot by Nikke Lindqvist.

As I wrote above there was a new group at Facebook called Shame on you Urban Outfitters. At the moment the group has 8.420 members and it’s steadily increasing. Together the group members are gathering facts and links to articles about the situation and spreading the word all over Facebook. There is also a petition started at namninsamling.se which at the moment has got 680 signatures and the articles at Aftonbladet Debatt have totally got over 300 comments. Today there have also been people handing out flyers outside the store.

Personally I usually don’t sympathize with hackers. Now I don’t know what kind of relation the guy who hacked took control over urbanoutfitters.se has to the company. I do not have any insight in the company itself either so I don’t know much of the story behind the situation and maybe someone felt that this was the only way to get the discussion started.

What I know for sure though is that I like how social media can be a tool for people to gather up and discuss about situations that engage them. Without the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and the comments on Aftonbladet.se, the discussion about the situation of the employees at Urban Outfitters wouldn’t have gotten proportions anywhere near this. Hereby I declare this as a good example of how social media can be used for good purposes. And now we can only hope for the best for the employees at Urban Outfitters.

Here is the story about Urban Outfitters according to the local news at TV4. The report is after 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

Nov 9 2009

79% of my classmates are on Twitter

Lately I have heard alot of stories about Swedish journalist students absence at Twitter. A lot of journalist students don’t even seem to know what Twitter is, which in my ears sounds alarming. But don’t worry, I can tell you there is hope for the future because there is a group of students in this country called KNM08, also known as my classmates.

I am at my second and final year, studying Communication new media at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. The education is pretty wide but concentrated to focus on new media and a third of it is internship periods. In the future me and my classmates will probably work as web editors, journalists, informants, copy writers, pr consultants or social media strategists for example. Our first week in school, just over a year ago, we had a lecture held by Annika Lidne about social media. We got introduced to Twitter and from the beginning most of us didn’t really understand how we could use it. For me it took even three months before I registered a Twitter account. Having an account didn’t make it for me though. It took about four additional months before Twitter hit the fan for me and I understood how useful it can be. I started to follow more interesting people and I got followers myself, not only spammers and irl friends. After the summer more and more classmates of mine followed my line and the hashtag #knm08 was born. I should also add to this story that Annika Lidne isn’t the only Twitter active lecturer we’ve had in school during the past year. For example we have also listened to and had workshops with Joakim Nyström, Björn Falkevik and Johan Lange who all should have thanks for bringing social media to KNM08.

During the last weeks even the late adopters in my class have started to investigate the world of tweets and now 22 of my 28 classmates are on Twitter. Most of us are also active tweeters and at Twitter we communicate with each other but also with our future colleagues. Twitter has become a great tool for us to get an insight in our future labour market and the industry we will work with. I have actually even got my current internship at Medierna through Twitter.

So if you are on Twitter, say hello to my fellow classmates, they are great guys, really.

Oct 6 2009

Miss Lo Hashtag

Here is a little movie about my classmate Lorraine who is a tweetoholic. I am also mentioned in the movie since I apparently have been to the same therapist. The movie is made by our classmate Sanna.

Sep 29 2009

Fourth Estate

This morning I was at Tredje Statsmakten to talk about what I am gonna do during my internship with them. I think it will be great. I am gonna work with their production Medierna and make its website more interactive. I am also gonna try to get some interactivity with their listeners through social media. In three weeks I am there and will be for ten weeks. It will be something different in my life and I’m looking forward to it with excitement.

And by the way, did I mention that I got this internship through Twitter? :)