Apr 5 2010


Hey, it’s Easter holiday and I have got some days off work. I’ve been at 24NT, my internship company for two weeks now and it is both interesting and challenging. Working full time with an injured foot makes me a tired girl though so most of my free time I am sleeping actually. But I guess that’s what my body needs.

Three days ago I was back in Stockholm for a doctors visit and to get rid of my aircast which I had had for 3,5 weeks. So now I am supposed to walk on my foot. It hurts pretty much though but with lots of training I will come back.

While in Stockholm I joined @selanna, his wife Åsa, @rymdapa and @lilashrink at Belgobaren for a dinner. It was a very nice evening with lots of good laughs.

I took the train back to Norrköping at the Good Friday, actually the first trip by train since the accident which felt very good to do. The rest of the Easter Holiday was spent with my parents and their friends. Now I have one more day off before I am back to work at 24NT again.

Feb 5 2010

#525, #8307, #8314, #39 and #8782

Early morning tomorrow (read today) I am leaving Stockholm for a meeting at Sandströms head office in Vimmerby. Most likely I will blog later about what that meeting will result in. On my way back north I am doing a stop in Kisa for a meeting with the purchasing managers and after that I will go home to my parents in Norrköping for the weekend. Since the car I had planned to go with is covered with snow together with the town as it is in, I will transport myself by train. Going from Stockholm to Vimmerby and then to Kisa and finally from Kisa to Norrköping demands five vehicles, four trains and one bus. Already when I booked the tickets for this day I felt that this will probably need a hashtag on Twitter. I had almost decided to use #tagresa (trip by train in Swedish) when #541 appeared on Twitter today, which gave me a lot of anxiety for tomorrow. But now I don’t know, what do I go for? The train numbers (as in the topic) or #tagresa as one hashtag for the whole day?

May 29 2009

Hello Sanna

Hello Sanna, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

I just passed by your orange house.