Jan 9 2010

May 2009

Life in General:

May was the month when my blog got a big revamp, I flied with an aeroplane for the first time since 2000 and I cut my hair and lost 5kg according to the hairdresser.


I played softball with a wig in the Drottningholm castle area along with Jenny and her friends. It was really fun and I hope we’ll do it again this year.


In May my mum turned 60 and celebrated her birthday together with me on Crete.

My mum and I on her birthday.

My mum and I on her birthday.


I was totally bored in school and had no motivation what so ever after coming back from my first internship period. The only good things in school this month were the lectures and workshops with Johan Lange.


I made a little comeback at my internship company when they arranged Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel. While being there I was blogging in the Habit blog.

Social Media:

In May I finally set up this wordpress blog, something I did way to late. My old blog survived for to long really. This was also the month when I got to understand how useful Twitter is. I started to follow more interesting people and got to know my first tweeps.


The month started with a trip to Crete together with my mum. We had a nice week even though it started with 3 days of rain…

In the end of the month I also made a little trip to my home county Östergötland.


I started training again and I really enjoyed it. Running along the beach in the sunrise at Crete was lovely.


May was the month when I started to read Dreams from my father by Barack Obama. A book I haven’t finished yet. I only have about 50 pages left though ;)

Mobile shot:

I’m blue…

How do you like my new hair colour?

How do you like my new hair colour?


The Photo of the month is a picture of a crazy person… I don’t really know who she is…

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

Oct 3 2009

Back in the track…

…but not back on track. Yesterday I was out in the running track for the first time in over three months. It was really like starting from zero. I had no basic fitness at all left and my breath was whining for about 30 minutes afterwards. Hah! I need to go out there tomorrow again and hopefully I will be back on track soon.

Jun 9 2009

Last day in school.. sort of

Today was the last official day in school for my class.  A really good day actually with two of my favorite lecturers Annika Lidne and Johan Lange. Annika held a lecture about social media and how it’s supposed to be used both as a private person and as a professional. It was really good and inspiring. After the lunch break Johan Lange held a nice lecture in project management where we among other things discussed how to handle conflicts.

To sum it up it has been a great but intense day. When I came home I went out to the running track and it just felt good since I had the time to think my day through and almost forgot that I was running!

Tomorrow I am going back to school to chill in the sofa with some candy and read as many reports as possible from other students’ internship periods. I really need to get some ideas about where I am going to apply for my ten weeks internship period next term. I also have an exhibition at a museum to attend and a little examination task for this term left to do. So I can’t really say that summer holidays are here yet.  Just a little.

Jun 6 2009

The National day

I’ve just been running a lap. It was pretty cold and now I feel pain in my ears. Although I feel pretty good. I mean, I set the alarm on a Saturday just to go out and run.

My brother is coming here today to celebrate our national day. His girlfriend is also coming, but a few hours later. I am gonna spend the afternoon with them but then I’ll be heading to Lidingö for a party at Lorraine‘s place while they are going to the official celebration scene to see some artists or something. It will be a nice reunion for me to come to Lidingö since Lorraine is living next door to Mentor where I did my internship.

This was supposed to be a longer post but meh, I have been chatting to much while writing it and now I don’t really have time to write something.

I think my main purpose was meant to be something like that it is the Swedish National Day and I don’t even know what we are celebrating.

May 31 2009


I haven’t felt this good on the running track since December! Am I back on track? I don’t want to say anything like that yet cause then I’ll prolly break a leg or something.

May 24 2009

On my way out

On my way out, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

On my way out

May 24 2009

My plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow (read today) I am going to clean up my shitty apartment. My plan is to start with that right after breakfast and do it fast so that I am done by noon. Then I am going down town to vote for the European parliament and buy some stuff I need. They open at 12 on Sundays otherwise I would probably have started with that. When I am done there I am probably starving but I am not allowed to buy anything to eat what so ever since my bank account is like a strainer and can’t afford anything like that on a date called 24th. So I will go home and cook something and eat. Then I will rest and spend some quality time in front of my computer before I will go out in the running track for a lap or two (probably just one). The rest of the day I am allowed to do whatever I want but I am going to bed early to get some nice sleep before the upcoming week.

How many of you really believe that this blogpost will come true? I still do. Until then. Good night!