Jun 21 2010

A new blog

As I have written before I have been thinking about quitting this blog for a while. I think that is what happend today when I set up my new blog at http://maria.hagglof.info. It will be written in swedish and will mostly be about things related to media and webb somehow, with a personal touch. And for you who cares about technical details my new blog is of course set up with WordPress 3.0.

May 20 2010

Lousy blogger

I am thinking about what I should do with this blog… I am barely blogging here any longer. When I want to blog about something related to media somehow which is about all interesting blog subjects in my mind the blog posts end up at Någotsmart. And then the rest might (if I’ve got the energy to write about it) end up here which is mostly boring stuff about myself and what I am doing. Not really anything that interests other people than my closest friends or family. Therefore the blog posts aren’t very common here these days… I don’t know how to use this blog anymore, if I should focus on something special or just leave it to become a place where I write those things that I want to write but don’t fit in anywhere else. Or maybe I should quit blogging here and leave it as an archive. What do you think?

Jan 28 2010

December 2009

Phew, time for the very last blog post in this summary of 2009. It’s been boring, probably even more boring for you. Next year I’ll do it in another format. Promise.

Life in General:

December was a month I don’t want to experience again. Some days I was frustrated and angry, some days I was sad, some days I was happy but I don’t remember those days…


I celebrated minichristmas at Pernilla’s, Stefan’s and Alice’s house together with Anna, Andreas and Tobias. We ate good food (not Christmas food) and had a nice evening together. One week later I celebrated New Years Eve in the same house with the same people, plus Jenny. A nice evening as always with my friends in Linköping.


The 28th of December was the last time I met my grandfather Bernth on this earth. He slept while I was there but when I was about to leave and realised that I had forgot to say good bye I ran back to his bed, grabbed his hand and said “Good bye grandpa”.

My family tried to celebrate Christmas as we always do, but it wasn’t like any other year. After spending the whole day by my grandfathers bed we went home in the evening. But we were all thinking of the only one who weren’t with us when we ate the Christmas food and handed out the gifts. It was all done in about two hours.


I wrote a blog post about how I felt about living a journalist life.


Interviews, interviews, interviews.. and a lot of writing in vain.


I worked at Lagos Mode one day in December, or not even one days, I think I worked for about three hours. It was the first day on the sale, the 26th of December.

Social Media:

I won the autumn competition at skyltat.se and got a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music which my brother is the happy owner of today.

I had a down period in this blog and just published five blog posts. I was probably out of words…


I made one weekend-trip to Östergötland in the beginning of the month but the day before Christmas Eve I went there and stayed for the rest of the month.


I bought my lovely iPhone 3GS 32 GB. Probably the best thing I have ever bought.


I actually got 6 movies from Marcus and CC for Christmas. The Lord of the rings trilogy and the Beck 21-24 box.

Mobile shot:

Third Advent

Third Advent


I forgot my camera at home when I went to Östergötland for Christmas and I hate myself for that. No photo of the month. I suck.

Jan 9 2010

May 2009

Life in General:

May was the month when my blog got a big revamp, I flied with an aeroplane for the first time since 2000 and I cut my hair and lost 5kg according to the hairdresser.


I played softball with a wig in the Drottningholm castle area along with Jenny and her friends. It was really fun and I hope we’ll do it again this year.


In May my mum turned 60 and celebrated her birthday together with me on Crete.

My mum and I on her birthday.

My mum and I on her birthday.


I was totally bored in school and had no motivation what so ever after coming back from my first internship period. The only good things in school this month were the lectures and workshops with Johan Lange.


I made a little comeback at my internship company when they arranged Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel. While being there I was blogging in the Habit blog.

Social Media:

In May I finally set up this wordpress blog, something I did way to late. My old blog survived for to long really. This was also the month when I got to understand how useful Twitter is. I started to follow more interesting people and got to know my first tweeps.


The month started with a trip to Crete together with my mum. We had a nice week even though it started with 3 days of rain…

In the end of the month I also made a little trip to my home county Östergötland.


I started training again and I really enjoyed it. Running along the beach in the sunrise at Crete was lovely.


May was the month when I started to read Dreams from my father by Barack Obama. A book I haven’t finished yet. I only have about 50 pages left though ;)

Mobile shot:

I’m blue…

How do you like my new hair colour?

How do you like my new hair colour?


The Photo of the month is a picture of a crazy person… I don’t really know who she is…

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

The first sunny day on Crete. A pale Swede took a few jumps of joy. Photo: Anita Hägglöf

Nov 22 2009

In good company

Today Niclas Strandh also known as Deeped on Twitter started to list people he is following on Twitter who has a link to their blog in their bio. I had the great honor of falling in list number one. Deeped and I have only followed each other on Twitter since May this year, and since he is following more than 2000 people, I am proud to be mentioned at the same list as people who I really look up to, for example, Nikke Lindqvist and Joakim Jardenberg. I also got some nice words about me and this blog that made me warm and happy inside.

The only bad thing about this is that I really get performance anxiety over this blog. I really need to blog more about all those things I think that I should blog about but never end up in the blog. Hmm, maybe it aint no bad thing after all… just a kick in my lazy butt. Although I won’t write any more blog posts today before I am finished with the concept description for my final project in school, deadline is today and even though most of it is in my head I haven’t written a sign yet.

Sep 27 2009

Blog fixing

I have been fiddling a bit with the blog today.

In the sidebar I have rearranged the widgets a bit. I have also changed the Twitter widget to a more legible one and added a Twitter visitor widget.  If you can’t see yourself there it is probably because that you aren’t signed in on Twittercounter, which also is a nice site showing statistics about your Twitter account.

To the blog posts I have added Sociable, a plugin that displays buttons which makes it easier to share my posts via social media. I have also added the plugin Emo vote which makes it possible for you to vote about how you feel about my posts. That is very useful for those of you who are afraid of commenting in my blog, now you can show what you feel while still being anonymous :)

Sep 20 2009

When you say nothing at all

Since no one has commented on this post yet and I am eager to get started I have after a little discussion with Sanna made my own unanimous decision about that I will write the series about my interests. If everything goes as planned it will be nine parts and I will start as soon as I’ve got time to sit down and write. I won’t write more than one post in the series per day and I won’t write every day either. But I will start very soon so keep your eyes open!

Sep 19 2009

A series of blog posts?

Sometimes I feel that my personality may seem a little schizophrenic with all my different interests. The combination of my interests sprawl all over the blog and together they become a really odd mix. Therefore I am thinking about starting with a series of blog posts about my interests in life, explaining what they mean to me, one interest per post. Could that be something you may like?

Aug 9 2009

I should…

I should blog about the last week, for example about the wednesday together with Susanna and my weekend in Linköping. But I am lazy.  So instead I’ll recommend to read this post by a more active blogger than me. It’s funny and in swedish  :)

Edit: I also recommend you to check out this one afterwards. Perdey!

Edit 2: The blogpost has generated a debate without reasonable proportions. I still think it’s fun and won’t stop laughing until I see that one of the three girls has taken offense because of this.

Jul 24 2009

Tough days…

This week has been pretty tough for me at work. We have been a few men/women short and I have been working like mad trying to get everything to work out in all departments. I have also tried to keep the blog up at the same time. Today I brought raspberrymuffins with swedish flags to the staff since we all have worked very hard this week and also with a good result. We are simply the best ;)

Next week will be easier, we will have a bigger staff and I will not work as many hours as I’ve done this week. I have this weekend off work so tomorrow I am going to Örebro for a relatives gathering in the castle. Pictures will probably come later on :)