Nov 19 2009

Let me show you a secret

Sorry my non swedish readers, here is a swedish movie to someone who deserves thanks.

Oct 7 2009

I just love this video

I have seen this video a lot of times and today when Mymlan posted it in Bloggvärldsbloggen I felt that I have to share it with my readers as well. It shows that we are all pieces of the same cookie. A cookie that tastes really good. Enjoy!

Oct 6 2009

Miss Lo Hashtag

Here is a little movie about my classmate Lorraine who is a tweetoholic. I am also mentioned in the movie since I apparently have been to the same therapist. The movie is made by our classmate Sanna.

Sep 22 2009

The new “Körslaget” trailer

Today I saw the new Körslaget trailer on Swedish TV4. As always they have put a lot of effort on the trailer to the program which make the trailers better than the program itself. I have written about this before.

I like the first trailer the most, closely followed by the second one. Least of all, I like this year’s trailer, it is not as impactful as previous years’ trailers. It is more theatrical than musical in my opinion. Here are all the trailers, which one do you like the most?




Aug 25 2009

To my brother

Thanks for the weekend.