Mar 19 2010

Something I totally have missed

Tonight I suddenly saw a part of a trailer to the Swedish TV-show “Körslaget”. I have written about their trailers before and I had to check the date on the last of those posts cause the show is usually during the autumn/winter. But now TV4 seem to have nothing else to do than transmitting yet another season of Körslaget. And they didn’t even have time or money to produce a trailer anywhere close to as good as the earlier ones. Or am I wrong?

Sep 22 2009

The new “Körslaget” trailer

Today I saw the new Körslaget trailer on Swedish TV4. As always they have put a lot of effort on the trailer to the program which make the trailers better than the program itself. I have written about this before.

I like the first trailer the most, closely followed by the second one. Least of all, I like this year’s trailer, it is not as impactful as previous years’ trailers. It is more theatrical than musical in my opinion. Here are all the trailers, which one do you like the most?