Apr 11 2010

Week fourteen 2010

This week was a four days week at work, a week that has been pretty calm since we haven’t recorded any shows at my internship with 30minuter. Instead we have had an election special week with shows that we made two weeks ago at the mall Hageby Centrum. The most interesting conversation this week was about transparency in small towns, a subject we discussed for a whole day, which lead to a blog post at någotsmart. The same evening I made a little page (in swedish) about an idea I had talked to @jimmyasklund about before. A tweetup at the zoo in Kolmården. Weirdly enough I got response from more people that I don’t know than from people that I do know at Twitter.

Evenings and today I have spent on trying to prepare for the presentation of my examination project and the opposition of Sanna‘s project aswell as the seminar I will give at Hela Kyrkans hemsida next saturday. I am getting a bit nervous for that seminar since seminars actually aren’t that common on my agenda. The presentation of the examination project feels like nothing in comparison.

Tomorrow I will visit my mothers work to get some physiotherapy in their warm water filled swimming pool. It’s a part of the recovery after the broken bones.

Jan 3 2010

February 2009

Life in general:

In February I cut and dyed my hair at Peggis Barbershop in Norrköping. Something that was really well needed.

I cut and dyed my hair.

I cut and dyed my hair.


In the beginning of the month I visited Daniel & Emma to play some boardgames with them and Stefan & Pernilla to see their new house.

I also was at the Resumébar with some classmates to hang around with our future colleagues.

In the end of the month I visited Frida, Jimmy and their daughters but I also made a second visit at Stefan and Pernillas place where I also met Anna, Andreas, Tobias and Björn. Björn had also brought his girlfriend Josefin for the first time, a really nice girl who I’ve got to know during the year.


I visited my family in Norrköping twice this month. My parents in their house, my grandfather at the recovery clinic and my grandmother in her apartment.


In February I published a personal poem for the first time ever.


I was at Café Sturekatten to write a report for school. While I was there I ran into the Swedish pop singer Robyn.


In the beginning of the month I went to Östergötland to visit my chiropractor, dentist, grandfather, and some friends. The month ended with another trip to Östergötland to cut my hair and visit more friends.

Social Media:

I found Nanoblogg and was in love with a new social media platform. Although I don’t use it anymore, it was a great idea but I didn’t get much use of it.


I bought a Saitek Eclipse keyboard.

Saitek Eclipse Keyboard.

Saitek Eclipse Keyboard.


A boardgame evening with my neighbours was announced so I brought Ticket to ride and went there, even though I usually don’t go to places where I don’t know anyone. They weren’t boardgame geeks like me but I had pretty fun anyway. I played against three guys and won :)


I listened to my old friend Gustaf Spetz at Mosebacke and bought his new album. I really like to listen to it from time to time, not only because he is my friend, he is also a great musician.


In February my camera died so I can’t say that I have any photo of the month :(