May 24 2010

Sweden Social Web Camp

If you look a bit to the right, there is a little badge about Sweden Social Webcamp.

SSWC is a camp for people who love the Internet more or less. It all started last year with SSWC09. I would’ve loved to be there but my brother turned 30 and I couldn’t let him down so I went to Helsingborg, while the rest of Helsingborg (at least the Helsingborg I know of) went to Tjärö. A little island in the south of Sweden where over 250 swedish web geeks had gathered up with tents among the sheeps for an unconference that has become the most talked about among swedes on the social web. The week after I listed my favorite blog posts about SSWC09. When reading about the weekend it felt like it was magic and I knew that I just had to go there next year. So… Today at 19.00 the tickets for SSWC10 was released and since I had set the alarm at both my google calendar and my iPhone I was on my toes for a ticket. My Twitterfeed was filled with people being on their toes as well, a monday evening has never had that much activity on Twitter before. And you know what? I got a ticket! 600 geeks had registered their interest for the camp and 250 tickets were released. So tonight I am a really happy geek :)

See you in august geeks and tweeps!

Jan 15 2010

August 2009

Life in General:

In august I went back home to Stockholm and felt really good about it.


Susanna visited me in Norrköping. Together we visited Makkarakauppa and Kolmårdens Zoo and ate Greek food. I also spent some time with my friends in Linköping and in the end of the month we had a crayfish party at Tobias summer cottage.


My brother Marcus turned 30 and we celebrated him at his and CC‘s new apartment in Helsingborg.


I wrote this personal blogpost about my mum


School started again after 10 weeks of summer holiday. The first day we met our customer for the live project about dementia that we were going to start working with.


I started to hunt for a place where I could do my second internship. The hunt took place mostly at Twitter and in my blog.


I worked first half of the month and ended the summer period at work and ended with a bit of golf playing and socializing in the forest with my colleagues. That was also the end for my summer blog.

Social Media:

I became even more twitter active and used social media to promote myself for another internship period. And as mentioned above I also ended the summer blog I had at work.

Mobile shot:

Marcus and CC's turtle Berta which now unfortunately is dead is eating breakfast.

Marcus and CC's turtle Berta which now unfortunately is dead is eating breakfast.


A rhinoceros and a zebra at Kolmården Zoo.

A rhinoceros and a zebra at Kolmården Zoo.