Feb 3 2010

Weekend for my grandfather

Last weekend was spent with my family. It started on Thursday last week when my grandmother turned 90. We celebrated her birthday just with the closest family since the Friday was dedicated for my grandfather and his funeral. It was a really good and memorable funeral where we took farewell of my grandfather. Afterwards we had a memorial time together where we got to share our thoughts about him. On the Sunday service in church the Caring pastor held a little speech in memoriam of my grandfather as well. So the weekend was all dedicated for my lovely grandfather. I love and miss him but I know he is better off where he is now.

I would’ve liked to share the slideshow I made in memoriam of my grandfather and showed at the funeral with some of you but I don’t want to make it official all over www.

Sep 24 2009

Going to the E county

Tomorrow I am going to Östergötland again. The main reason for that is a funeral on Friday. I’ll stay there the whole weekend and will probably not be that blog active. The theme in Bloggvärldsbloggen this week is sorrow, which would suit me perfectly to write about right now. But I probably won’t have time before the week is over. I will also write part 2 in the blog series about my interests as soon as I’ve got time, which feels more important because it’s sort of a promise. If I’m getting bored in Norrköping I might write something from there.