Apr 12 2010

Food variation

Sofia Mirjamsdotter aka Mymlan has in her blog Mymlan. the real. a weekly blog topic for her readers to blog about. Actually I have never participated in the weekly blogging on Mymlan’s subject. I have blamed it on lack of time or other silly reasons. This week her topic enticed me to write something down though. The topic is actually food. The food we eat on weekdays. My fantasy in the kitchen is terrible which results in lack of variation. So if I will find one or two recipes – in Mymlan’s summation by the end of the week – that I like, I will be happy.  But if I expect to get something, I need to share something as well. So from my own recipe book (the book inside my head) comes a favorite which I have given the name Maria’s tortilla box.

I’ll write the recipe both in English and Swedish since Mymlan’s weekly blog topic tradition is a Swedish thing.

Maria’s tortilla box (4 port.)

Boil the rice. Mix it together with the rest of the ingredients except the cheese in a bowl. Pour everything into a baking pan and sprinkle with cheese. Gratinate it in your oven until the cheese has got a nice color.

Done within 30 minutes!

Oh and btw, I do not know how it tastes if you do it with dip mixes with other flavors. I haven’t dared to try. But if you do, tell me!

Marias tortillalåda (4 port.)

Koka riset. Blanda det med resten av ingredieserna utom osten i en skål. Häll allt i en ugnssäker form och strö över osten. Gratinera i ugnen tills osten har fått en fin färg.

Färdigt på 30 minuter!

Och förresten, Jag vet inte hur det blir om man gör den här rätten med andra dip mixer. Jag har inte vågat testa. Men om du vågar, berätta gärna hur det blev!