Living the journalist life

As I have written before I am currently doing my internship at Tredje Statsmakten who are producing Medierna in Swedish Radio P1 and at the fashion industry magazine Habit. Two different companies which are both working with journalism. But I am no journalist and sometimes I ask myself what I am doing at these places but the more I think of it the more it makes sense.

At Tredje Statsmakten, I work mostly with managing their social media feeds, helping them to develop interaction on their webpages and writing texts for the Web. Although I am not doing much journalistic work there, I am a part of their journalism and I do like it. I like to listen to their discussions and I like to be a part of the interesting programs they produce every week. I’m among really great and inspiring journalists and I really enjoy it.

At Habit I am working as a journalist. I am writing a few fairly (at least for me) big articles and even though I did my first internship there, it feels like a challenge, mostly because I haven’t written that much in my life, but also because I know that my co-workers at Habit are much more skilled and experienced than me. But I really like to be there as well. I enjoy the work I am doing and I like my co-workers who are good role models as well as good and inspiring writers.

Since Tredje Statsmakten and Habit have two very different editorial staffs it sometimes feels like I am living in two different worlds of journalism. But I must say that I love it. I like both places very much and it gives me a good balance to write about media criticism one day and about fashion the day after. I also get a healthy distance to both of these worlds.

So, why do I hang around with all these journalists?
For a while I thought I had lost myself a bit when I had driven my boat so much against the journalistic direction, because journalist has never been my final goal. But if I rewind the tape almost two years back to when I applied for my current education, I had one thing in mind. I wanted to become a better writer. I had applied for a lot of web editor jobs and been to a lot of interviews, but every time I was asked if I was a good writer I had no proof which showed that I could write. I thought that I was an OK writer but since I never ever had got my own texts critically reviewed, I knew that my words were not so heavily weighed. So, working with journalism now when I have the chance feels like the right thing to do. While I am gathering evidence for the future, I develop my writing and get useful experience. If I will work as a journalist in the future is yet to see but I think that I am about to eliminate the risks of being rejected as a not good enough writer for any other type of job. I mean, if I have got my texts published in a magazine, I shouldn’t suck anyway.

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