A mothers point of view

Today I flattened my mums fringe and then I couldn’t stop laughing at the result. She looked very funny, haha!

That was just a side-note to what I had planned to write in this post though. My intention was to write about children in the eyes of their mother. And now you all think “Hey, stop there, you have no kids, you know nothing about this”. That’s true, I know nothing. But I have a mother who I know loves me and I am the apple of her eye.

Once she told me a story of when I puked in a bus when I was about one year old. People around us moved away from their seats and the stink was probably evident. But then she said “but you can never feel a bad smell from your own child”. That gives me a hint about a mothers love for her child. It’s so tremendous that she can’t even feel the bad smell of their own child’s vomit.

Today I found a mail in my inbox, it was a tip from my mum with a link to a job from the webpage of the official Swedish employment service. The job was some kind of model job for a fashion company and the description said that they were looking for someone with an attractive appearance. In the message my mum had written “something for you, you are so beautiful my daughter”.  It made me smile. I am fully aware of that I have no chance in the world to get a model job without some surgery in advance but in my mothers eyes I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I know that in reality I am not but I don’t care because I know I am loved and I love my mother too.

Even if we don't always get along, I love you mum!

Even if we don't always get along, I love you mum!

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