Aug 31 2009

Before I go to bed…

…I want to thank Tobias and everyone else who were on this weekends crayfish party. It was great!

And here is where I should have posted a picture, maybe I will update with one if Stefan is friendly and let me use one of his.

Aug 31 2009

Another week has passed

It’s been a week since I posted last weeks, worth to read articles or blog posts. During the last week there are three bloggers who have distinguished themselves a little extra in my eyes. So I would like to share some of their posts. I post them chronologically.

Now gogo read the bloggers who are more creative than me.

Aug 31 2009

The day Karin became a man

I was called up from work today and got told that someone called Karin had tried to reach me today. I got the number and called her up. No one answered but just a minute later my phone was ringing.

– Maria

– (A mans voice) Hello, you just called me, didn’t you?

– I don’t know, I thought I called someone called Karin.

– Hehe, no, you called me and my name is Karim, it’s almost the same, just a different sex.

Haha, that’s one of those things in life that make my days a little brighter. Some people would probably think it’s embarrassing, but why? I just think it’s fun, I laugh and I carry on.

Aug 27 2009

I want the iPhone

According to the CEO of Spotify Apple has approved their application to iPhone. It makes me want to have one more than ever…

Aug 26 2009

I’m so tired of the epithet “fashion bloggers”

I have never wished that my blog was written in Swedish more than I do now. Because this is one of those posts I really would have wanted to write in Swedish, but since I don’t have an arena for that I’ll take it in English. I don’t even know if this post will make any sense in other countries than Sweden but when writing this post I will have Swedish circumstances in mind.

“Fashion and design” is number two in the category list at the Swedish blog portal, after daily reflections. There are 13,691 fashion blogs registered, which represents 13,691 fashion bloggers. I write it again, fashion bloggers. It’s almost as if I shiver a bit when I write the words. Blogging about fashion is no longer something you do, it is something you are. Now I can’t say that I read a lot fashion blogs, but the perception I have got of the typical fashion blogger is a teenage blond girl who posts pictures of herself and writes about “today’s outfit”. There are also fashion bloggers at evening papers who write posts like “celebrities show their style, you decide what is working”. Fashion Bloggers are every so often mocked in other contexts and recently deepedition made a little fun of some young girls who are blogging mostly about fashion. I thought it was terribly funny and I also linked to his blog post from my blog.

Fashion Blogger has become such an epithet that no one over 25 who wants to be in a serious manner would ever want to be called a fashion blogger. At least that’s how I feel.

Now, how should the fashion industry seriously be able to break ground with social media?

I am 27 years old, have just begun my 18:th school year. I’m educated in computer technology and communication. But I happen to be interested in fashion as well, an interest that has emerged during my eleven years in the fashion industry. Last spring, I had an internship at the fashion trade magazine Habit, (probably the most serious magazine in Sweden that writes about fashion). I also have an interest in social media and how to use it as a communication tool. It may happen that I sometimes would like to blog about fashion, but of course I can’t do that because then I would be a fashion blogger which I really don’t want to be due to the above reasons.

This summer I ran a blog from the store where I am employed. My blog differed pretty much from the typical fashion blog, both linguistically and in context, but sometimes I could feel myself that – at a superficial glance – the difference was subtle. Throughout the summer, I was terrified that someone would call me a fashion blogger. To my knowledge, I managed to escape from that, perhaps thanks to the fact that the store’s target audience is slightly older than the typical “fashion blog reader” and a lot of my readers do not usually read blogs at all. In addition, the blog was time limited and I could probably never be known as “Maria – the shop blogger (butiksbloggaren)” or what I feared, “Maria – the fashion blogger”.

Sometimes I feel an anxiety over this. How do I do if I am over 25, want to be regarded as a serious communicator and blog about fashion? I have not even bothered to make a fashion category in my own blog. I would probably never use it because I can not for God’s sake be a fashion blogger.

But what is more important than my personal anxiety about this is how should the fashion industry do it? If they in a personal way want to blog about their business without being “fashion bloggers” with everything the epithet implies. I do not know but I hope for a change and maybe the change will come in a natural way when the young fashion bloggers get older, wiser and are on the labour market.

Aug 25 2009

School has started

Yesterday school started again after 10 weeks of summer holiday.  I don’t really want to call it holiday though since I have worked most of the time, but anyway. It was nice to meet my classmates again and we are starting right off with a live project. We met our customer yesterday and it feels pretty good. I’m settled in a group of four, two of whom are new project members for me.

Another thing that’s new for this year is that we are scheduled Wednesdays and Thursdays, unlike last year when we were scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays. At the moment it feels like the new schedule is worse than last years but I guess it will work.

That means I had this day off school so I have worked my best with internship applications today. So far I can only say, The Internship Hunt continues…

Aug 25 2009

To my brother

Thanks for the weekend.

Aug 25 2009

Last weeks worth to read

I have read some good blog posts and articles during the last week that I want to share with you. Most of them are in Swedish so bare with me Danes, Dutchmen and Aussies, (I don’t know but maybe I have readers from other countries as well?)

Last weekend was also the weekend when sswc took place. Since I’m not old and experienced when it comes to  social media I didn’t even think of going there the first time I read about it. But the week before the camp I felt like I wanted to go there as well (but since my brother turned 30 I probably would’ve had problems to go anyway). Here are some selected posts about the camp that gives a hint about what seemed to be a very successful weekend.

Aug 23 2009

Breakfast for the turtles

Breakfast for the turtles, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

I just gave my brothers turtles their breakfast. This is the big greek, called Berta.

Aug 21 2009

My big brother

In less than an hour I am taking the train to Norrköping. From Norrköping I’ll go with my parents to Värnamo where my aunt and uncle lives. We’ll just stay there over the night and then carry on to Helsingborg and my brother. And tomorrow we’re going to celebrate his 30th birthday… wait… did I just write 30? I think I did, and that means we are getting old. My “big” brother and I. So, we have grown up, we live 555km from  each other but… it was like yesterday we were running around in the garden by our summer cottage or played tennis outside the house in Haga where we were living. And it was like yesterday I beat him in computer games at our C64.

Me, my brother and the C64.

Me, my brother and the C64.