Next stop, Barcelona

Today I have booked a trip to Barcelona together with Elisabeth. We are going there for 3 days and nights in the middle of june. Hopefully it will be fun and I will get a chance to improve my tan :)

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2 Responses to “Next stop, Barcelona”

  • gcb Says:

    We’ve a (medical) saying here – “tanning is skin cells in trauma” – don’t tan yourself, or you’ll end up like my mother &; regretting they ever did it….(which is something they didn’t start saying until they were 40+ years old, when it then becomes apparent exactly what damage tanning incurs, and that they’d have to live with all those wrinkles for the rest of their lives)

  • Maria Says:

    Heh.. I think there are differences in how much sunburn you get when being aussie compared to being a swede :P
    And I will always be the pale one.