May 31 2009


I haven’t felt this good on the running track since December! Am I back on track? I don’t want to say anything like that yet cause then I’ll prolly break a leg or something.

May 29 2009

Hello Sanna

Hello Sanna, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

I just passed by your orange house.

May 27 2009

Another Twitter experience

Yesterday I twittered “Looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona. Any ideas?” Today when I came home I had four new followers on Twitter and I had also got replies to my tweet from hotels and booking companies. Since I booked my hotel already yesterday evening I had no use for those tweets and I didn’t even check out their prices. But I didn’t expect that response really. It seems like the travel companies have understood how to use Twitter for marketing.

May 27 2009

My day at Grand Hôtel

So I went to Grand Hôtel this morning to attend Habit Fashion Summit and blog from there. The day began with some technical problems but after solving most of them I could finally start blogging which I did together with the editor-in-chief.  I also got a very tasty lunch :) The day was fun and interesting with some really good speeches by some of the CEO’s from the biggest fashion companies in Sweden. But in the end I was so tired and had a really annoying headache so the last speech was like mumbo jumbo for me.

The best quotation of the day must be “the chains of stores who say that they make streetwear, they don’t make streetwear, they make t-shirts with prints” – Greger Hagelin, CEO WeSC.

May 26 2009

Habit Fashion Summit 09

Tomorrow I will be blogging from Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel here in Stockholm. Probably I will be blogging here. Otherwise should tell you something different. I am looking forward to it and hopefully it will be fun, interesting and instructive for the future.

I am a bit late for bed now. I have to be at Grand pretty early tomorrow morning. Good night.

May 26 2009

Next stop, Barcelona

Today I have booked a trip to Barcelona together with Elisabeth. We are going there for 3 days and nights in the middle of june. Hopefully it will be fun and I will get a chance to improve my tan :)

May 25 2009

Probably the best juice in the world

I can really recommend this one. Tastes like summer.

May 25 2009

Plugged in

If you can notice any differences in the blog it is because I have added some wordpress plugins today.  Whether or not they are nice, is yet to be seen but hopefully they are useful for both myself and you, my readers. Jimmy and Sanna should have my thanks for the plugin tips.

Btw, I am really tired today. I don’t know why but I’ll sleep early tonight.

May 24 2009

On my way out

On my way out, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

On my way out

May 24 2009

Bad start

I couldn’t sleep last night. Time was around 4 when I finally fell alseep. So I didn’t really get a good start but I hope I will fulfil my plan for today anyway. Now breakfast!