Why english?

Sometimes my Swedish friends ask me why I am blogging in English. Here is what I wrote about it at 2008-08-30:

I have been thinking about if I should keep the blog in English or switch over to my native language. And I have come to the conclusion… I will keep it in English. I want to keep up and develop my English and I want non-Swedish people to be able to understand what I write here. And since I’ll write a lot of Swedish texts in school I’ll get my part of my native language there. So.. school stuff, Swedish. Personal blog, English.
Although I am not any English pro or something and if I write something that is completely ongobongo, please tell me, I better get remarks than publishing in an incorrect language.

The day I don’t feel this way any longer I’ll switch but the fact is that I still do and I also have a few non-Swedish readers who I don’t want to lose.

2009-05-23 – Maria

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