Sep 27 2009

Blog fixing

I have been fiddling a bit with the blog today.

In the sidebar I have rearranged the widgets a bit. I have also changed the Twitter widget to a more legible one and added a Twitter visitor widget.  If you can’t see yourself there it is probably because that you aren’t signed in on Twittercounter, which also is a nice site showing statistics about your Twitter account.

To the blog posts I have added Sociable, a plugin that displays buttons which makes it easier to share my posts via social media. I have also added the plugin Emo vote which makes it possible for you to vote about how you feel about my posts. That is very useful for those of you who are afraid of commenting in my blog, now you can show what you feel while still being anonymous :)

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May 25 2009

Plugged in

If you can notice any differences in the blog it is because I have added some wordpress plugins today.  Whether or not they are nice, is yet to be seen but hopefully they are useful for both myself and you, my readers. Jimmy and Sanna should have my thanks for the plugin tips.

Btw, I am really tired today. I don’t know why but I’ll sleep early tonight.

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