Dec 6 2009

I won, you lost

With that cocky title, I would like to tell you that I won the competition at

A lot of things have happened during the contest. My entry went up in the lead pretty fast after it was published. After a few days it got so many visitors that Skyltat was brought down by their web hosting provider. Later on, my classmate Lorraine and I realized that we were ranked as number one and two in the contest. We fought hard to get our friends to vote for our entries which was a really fun part of the contest. Although, the latest week I have been the number one by far but then some days ago a new opponent showed up and came closer.

The night before the competition was going to end my top entry got voted down from 8,9 to 7,4 just over the night. I understood that someone was using methods that weren’t allowed and I was about to give up. Then I saw that the precursor of the outvoted entry had suddenly made it to the second place so I posted the link to it on Facebook and Twitter and told my friends and followers that I was a victim of cheating. People was sympathizing with me and even though it was really close I passed the leader a few hours before the contest was over.

I would now like to thank you all for voting in this competition. I am soon a proud owner of a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and what is gonna happen with that phone is still a little secret.

If my cute neighbours for some reason would happen to read this I would also like to thank them, without their love story I would never have been a part of this contest.

My entry - the love story about my neighbours.

My entry - the love story about my neighbours.