Jan 13 2010

July 2009

Life in General:

In July most people are having vacation, but that’s the month when I worked the most.  I lived in Norrköping the entire month and realized that I missed Stockholm.


I visited Alice and her parents in Linköping and melted when she fell asleep in my arms. When I went home to Stockholm for just a weekend I met up with Jenny and when we had decided to meet up with Peter and Adam we ended up at a rave party. Odd, I know.

Alice and I before she fell asleep. Photo: Stefan Doverud

Alice and I before she fell asleep. Photo: Stefan Doverud


I lived at my parent’s house the entire month and together with them I went to the castle in Örebro for a family reunion with all descendants of my mother’s grandparents.


I worked really hard this month at Lagos Mode, both in the store and with the blog, at the expense of my personal blog which wasn’t very updated during July.


As written above I made two trips in July, one to my home in Stockholm and one to Örebro.

Mobile shot:

I caught Jenny when she was eating candy at work. Look how guilty she looks ;)

Jenny eating candy.

Jenny eating candy.


I missed Stockholm in July and went here when I had a weekend off work. I took a walk at Södermalm where I also took some photos.

View from Mosebacke

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Jul 19 2009

My summer weekend in Stockholm

When I came to Stockholm and my apartment Friday evening I was pretty tired after a hard week at work so I was just chilling at home. I woke up pretty early Saturday morning and went to a nature reserve close to where I live. It’s called Judarskogen and there is a lake called Judarn. It was wonderful to be in the nature and I took a lot of photos. Here is one of them.



When I came back home I took a shower and went to Södermalm where I had lunch before I took a walk at what we call Söders höjder. From the hills I photographed some of  the beautiful views of Stockholm.

View from Mosebacke

View from Mosebacke

After my walk at Södermalm I walked over Skeppsbron to Kungsträdgården and Gallerian where I bought ice-cream at the best ice-cream shop in Stockholm called Montis. While eating the ice cream Jenny called me up and said that Peter and Adam where at a party at Långholmen and asked me if I wanted to join with her. Said and done, I went home to eat something and get ready for some party.

When Jenny and I arrived it appeared to be a rave party. I have never been to a rave party before so that was a new experience for me but it was fun and the atmosphere was wonderful. To bad it started to rain later in the evening so we went home pretty early. I didn’t bring my camera so sadly I have no pictures from the party. I should have taken some pictures with my cellphone but I just didn’t think of it while I was there

Today I have been cleaning and fixing to make my apartment look nice when my parents come here. They will stay here for a night when they are visiting Stockholm in a few weeks. Soon I am taking the train back to Norrköping and will stay there for another month. It was wonderful to be back in Stockholm and it was great to see Jenny, Peter and Adam again.

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