Jan 17 2010

September 2009

Life in General:

Now when it’s really cold outside it’s all forgotten that we had an indian summer in September. The weather was lovely and made us swedes in a happy mood :)


Lorraine, Stephanie, Susanna and I had a little party at Susanna’s place before we went to Lemon Bar where we met up with Hanna and Malin. The night ended with a little walk in the “early morning” together with Lorraine before we went home.


I went home to my family to attend a funeral together with them. Even though Bosse weren’t a family member he has always felt like one and it felt like a matter of course to be there.


I started to write on the series of personal blog posts about my interests. I didn’t finish this project though and since I hate to start with projects and not finish them I hope that I will get time to write the rest of the posts this year.


In school almost everything was about the dementia project but we also had some nice lectures and workshops with among others Björn Falkevik and Joakim Nyström.


In September my hunt for an internship in social media got a result when I got my internship at Tredje Statsmakten Media who are producing Medierna in Sveriges Radio.

Social Media:

I read a lot of blog posts during September and I even had time to blog about some of them that I really liked, I blogged about Brit Stakston and about Kristoffer Björkman. The big discussion in the social media bubble this month which started already in August was about the pointless babble and even I wrote a blog post about it which I don’t feel ashamed about yet ;)

In my own blog I tried to write about my interests as I mentioned above. The blog also got a little revamp with new plugins and widgets.

I also got my second internship period through Twitter.


There was only one trip made during September and that was to my home county Östergötland.


Andreas Ekström announced the “no Google day” at the 1st of September. Something he failed upon already 7am but Google failed aswell when Google mail crashed in the evening.


I made a list of 100 tunes from the 00-decade which I realized was to early when Markus Krunegård released a new album with the song Benny. Although I have listened a lot to my list so I am happy that I made it.


I watched the TV-series Signé Chanel (Fashion House Chanel) in September and I loved it. Within an episode of 26 minutes I laughed, was annoyed and felt sorry together with the participants.

Mobile shot:

This is what happens if you give me a banana cause I don't eat bananas.

This is what happens if you give me a banana cause I don't eat bananas.


When I am browsing through my photos I can’t find any photo from September. Can it really be true? No photo of the month? I don’t use my camera often enough…

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Nov 24 2009

Under control again

I have been a bit lost during the last week. I lost control over my internship situation when I almost rationalized myself away at Tredje Statsmakten. I have worked to build up, streamline and automate the work of social media for Medierna for some weeks now. When we were all satisfied with the solutions I ended up with not enough things to do. I got a bit bored and started to feel bad over the whole situation. Those days when I had things to do I enjoyed my time at Tredje Statsmakten, but when I didn’t have anything to do I felt dissatisfied and not as a part of the group. Now I don’t blame anyone for this, I still like Tredje Statsmakten a lot, they are great journalists and I love to listen to their discussions. Internship means practice, and practice is most often trial and error. None of us knew how it would end up and even if I have personal experiences from social media, I have never worked with social media for a commercial purpose before. Apart from the summer blog I wrote last summer.

But problems are there to solve. I talked to the persons involved and after some discussions, I decided to find an alternative company to do my internship at for 50% of the time. But since it’s just five weeks left of my intership period it felt stupid to go to a completely new place and just work 50% of the time. It’s just… eleven days. That’s why I now will go back to Habit. The fashion industry magazine where I had my first internship in March-April. It won’t be the same thing as last time though. Only one person on the editorial staff remains of those I worked with last spring and they are now working in an open plan office, instead of their personal offices as when I was there. So I think that even if it’s the same magazine, I will get new useful work experiences.

The fact that Medierna and Habit are working with such diverse journalism, makes me think I will have five great and varied weeks in front of me. And now when things are under control, I feel good and happy again.

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Sep 29 2009

Fourth Estate

This morning I was at Tredje Statsmakten to talk about what I am gonna do during my internship with them. I think it will be great. I am gonna work with their production Medierna and make its website more interactive. I am also gonna try to get some interactivity with their listeners through social media. In three weeks I am there and will be for ten weeks. It will be something different in my life and I’m looking forward to it with excitement.

And by the way, did I mention that I got this internship through Twitter? :)

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