Jan 19 2010

October 2009

Life in General:

A lot of things happened in October, I was full booked the entire month and was barely at home. Therefore I ended the month with an All Saint’s weekend all by myself.


The month started with a visit by Martin in the middle of the night. I hadn’t seen him for over 4 years so the day after I was really tired. The same week I was at a party hosted by a friend of Lorraine, along with her,  Sanna and some new acquaintances of mine.  One week later it was time for a cruise to Finland with my classmates which we called #knm08ombord. It was crazy, just as I had feared.

In the middle of the month I went to Linköping to have lunch with Pernilla and Alice before we joined up with Stefan and Tobias for a dinner at Doverud’s.  One week later I was back in their house when we celebrated Stefan’s and Anna’s birthdays.


It was my dad‘s birthday and even though it wasn’t an even number both me, my brother and my sister-in-law was at our parents house. During the stay we also went to the annually running competition Höstmilen and ended up in the local newspaper.


In October I revealed my most geeky interest. Of course I also celebrated the International Teddy Bear Day ;)


We finished our dementia project, had a successful pitch for an impressed customer. Later in October I had the last day in school for the year.


I started my internship period with being sick and stayed at home for two days. But the rest of the month I only enjoyed my time at Tredje Statsmakten.

Social Media:

My internship was all about social media. I did social media research, social media strategies and used social media a lot on the behalf of Medierna.

I was also at a lunch together with Stockholm Social Media Club for the first time.


Two trips to Östergötland was made in October and also a cruise to Finland with my classmates.


I tried to get back on track with the training but failed because of chest pain.


Markus Krunegård released two albums and I couldn’t stop listen to the Benny song.

I also wrote a blog post about my interest in music.

Mobile shot:

Marcus, CC and I went to the newly opened waffle cafe in Norrköping. This is what I ordered:




Two of my lovely classmates on a boat somewhere between Finland and Sweden.

Adam and Elisabeth.

Adam and Elisabeth.

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Oct 15 2009


I am listening to one of Markus Krunegårds new albums. Lev som en gris dö som en hund. The sixth track on the album called Benny makes me think about old times in Norrköping. Benny was from the same hood as me. Even though he was drunk or high on drugs every time I met him during the final years of his life, he was one of the nicest guys I knew when I grew up. And it was just as Krunegård is singing, Benny wanted to live in freedom. There should be more people like Benny, he was never mean to anyone. It’s always sad when people like Benny are leaving us but I am happy to have known him.

When I am thinking of Benny I also feel happy, he always made people around him happy. I think about all the other guys who lived in the neighbourhood, those who were his closest friends. Some of them were my closest friends when I was even younger. Nice guys with a bit different plans for their future than me. Different but still alike.

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