Sep 19 2009


Party, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

Party in Kärrtorp :)

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Jun 6 2009

The National day

I’ve just been running a lap. It was pretty cold and now I feel pain in my ears. Although I feel pretty good. I mean, I set the alarm on a Saturday just to go out and run.

My brother is coming here today to celebrate our national day. His girlfriend is also coming, but a few hours later. I am gonna spend the afternoon with them but then I’ll be heading to Lidingö for a party at Lorraine‘s place while they are going to the official celebration scene to see some artists or something. It will be a nice reunion for me to come to Lidingö since Lorraine is living next door to Mentor where I did my internship.

This was supposed to be a longer post but meh, I have been chatting to much while writing it and now I don’t really have time to write something.

I think my main purpose was meant to be something like that it is the Swedish National Day and I don’t even know what we are celebrating.

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