Jan 28 2010

December 2009

Phew, time for the very last blog post in this summary of 2009. It’s been boring, probably even more boring for you. Next year I’ll do it in another format. Promise.

Life in General:

December was a month I don’t want to experience again. Some days I was frustrated and angry, some days I was sad, some days I was happy but I don’t remember those days…


I celebrated minichristmas at Pernilla’s, Stefan’s and Alice’s house together with Anna, Andreas and Tobias. We ate good food (not Christmas food) and had a nice evening together. One week later I celebrated New Years Eve in the same house with the same people, plus Jenny. A nice evening as always with my friends in Linköping.


The 28th of December was the last time I met my grandfather Bernth on this earth. He slept while I was there but when I was about to leave and realised that I had forgot to say good bye I ran back to his bed, grabbed his hand and said “Good bye grandpa”.

My family tried to celebrate Christmas as we always do, but it wasn’t like any other year. After spending the whole day by my grandfathers bed we went home in the evening. But we were all thinking of the only one who weren’t with us when we ate the Christmas food and handed out the gifts. It was all done in about two hours.


I wrote a blog post about how I felt about living a journalist life.


Interviews, interviews, interviews.. and a lot of writing in vain.


I worked at Lagos Mode one day in December, or not even one days, I think I worked for about three hours. It was the first day on the sale, the 26th of December.

Social Media:

I won the autumn competition at skyltat.se and got a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music which my brother is the happy owner of today.

I had a down period in this blog and just published five blog posts. I was probably out of words…


I made one weekend-trip to Östergötland in the beginning of the month but the day before Christmas Eve I went there and stayed for the rest of the month.


I bought my lovely iPhone 3GS 32 GB. Probably the best thing I have ever bought.


I actually got 6 movies from Marcus and CC for Christmas. The Lord of the rings trilogy and the Beck 21-24 box.

Mobile shot:

Third Advent

Third Advent


I forgot my camera at home when I went to Östergötland for Christmas and I hate myself for that. No photo of the month. I suck.

Dec 6 2009

Living the journalist life

As I have written before I am currently doing my internship at Tredje Statsmakten who are producing Medierna in Swedish Radio P1 and at the fashion industry magazine Habit. Two different companies which are both working with journalism. But I am no journalist and sometimes I ask myself what I am doing at these places but the more I think of it the more it makes sense.

At Tredje Statsmakten, I work mostly with managing their social media feeds, helping them to develop interaction on their webpages and writing texts for the Web. Although I am not doing much journalistic work there, I am a part of their journalism and I do like it. I like to listen to their discussions and I like to be a part of the interesting programs they produce every week. I’m among really great and inspiring journalists and I really enjoy it.

At Habit I am working as a journalist. I am writing a few fairly (at least for me) big articles and even though I did my first internship there, it feels like a challenge, mostly because I haven’t written that much in my life, but also because I know that my co-workers at Habit are much more skilled and experienced than me. But I really like to be there as well. I enjoy the work I am doing and I like my co-workers who are good role models as well as good and inspiring writers.

Since Tredje Statsmakten and Habit have two very different editorial staffs it sometimes feels like I am living in two different worlds of journalism. But I must say that I love it. I like both places very much and it gives me a good balance to write about media criticism one day and about fashion the day after. I also get a healthy distance to both of these worlds.

So, why do I hang around with all these journalists?
For a while I thought I had lost myself a bit when I had driven my boat so much against the journalistic direction, because journalist has never been my final goal. But if I rewind the tape almost two years back to when I applied for my current education, I had one thing in mind. I wanted to become a better writer. I had applied for a lot of web editor jobs and been to a lot of interviews, but every time I was asked if I was a good writer I had no proof which showed that I could write. I thought that I was an OK writer but since I never ever had got my own texts critically reviewed, I knew that my words were not so heavily weighed. So, working with journalism now when I have the chance feels like the right thing to do. While I am gathering evidence for the future, I develop my writing and get useful experience. If I will work as a journalist in the future is yet to see but I think that I am about to eliminate the risks of being rejected as a not good enough writer for any other type of job. I mean, if I have got my texts published in a magazine, I shouldn’t suck anyway.

Aug 25 2009

Last weeks worth to read

I have read some good blog posts and articles during the last week that I want to share with you. Most of them are in Swedish so bare with me Danes, Dutchmen and Aussies, (I don’t know but maybe I have readers from other countries as well?)

Last weekend was also the weekend when sswc took place. Since I’m not old and experienced when it comes to  social media I didn’t even think of going there the first time I read about it. But the week before the camp I felt like I wanted to go there as well (but since my brother turned 30 I probably would’ve had problems to go anyway). Here are some selected posts about the camp that gives a hint about what seemed to be a very successful weekend.

Jun 5 2009

What will I become when I grow up?

I walked out from school with a big smile upon my face. It just lasted for a minute or two though before anxiety was on my mind…

Today was the day when I’d set my alarm at 6am just to not miss the laundry time I had re-booked when I got to know that my teacher in journalism was coming to school today to give us personal feedback. I was tired but I took my time with the laundry, ate breakfast and dressed myself between the runs to the laundry room. I ran to the subway in the rain and arrived in school about 15 mins late. Even though I was  late I got to wait half an hour or so before it was time for me to get my judgement. Since I haven’t been writing much before this education and the Swedish teaching – from I was 14 until I finished mandatory school at 19 – was close to non-existent no one has ever really told me anything about my writing. For the first time in my life someone was gonna tell me if my baby is a good or a bad boy. I was actually a bit nervous. Minutes later I was overwhelmed. The words I heard my teacher say was close to unbelievable for me. I was shocked but really happy when I walked out from school but as soon as I rounded the corner I felt anxiety. Will this have any consequences for my future? Am I supposed to work as a writer when I grow up? I thought I was just a lame computer geek who won’t become anything else than someone sitting in a corner working with stuff that someone else would get the creds for. Now I am confused, I really have to decide what to do with my life, I am 27 years old and haven’t had a permanent job yet. I had a plan when applying for this education, now it’s all turned upside down.

May 27 2009

My day at Grand Hôtel

So I went to Grand Hôtel this morning to attend Habit Fashion Summit and blog from there. The day began with some technical problems but after solving most of them I could finally start blogging which I did together with the editor-in-chief.  I also got a very tasty lunch :) The day was fun and interesting with some really good speeches by some of the CEO’s from the biggest fashion companies in Sweden. But in the end I was so tired and had a really annoying headache so the last speech was like mumbo jumbo for me.

The best quotation of the day must be “the chains of stores who say that they make streetwear, they don’t make streetwear, they make t-shirts with prints” – Greger Hagelin, CEO WeSC.

May 26 2009

Habit Fashion Summit 09

Tomorrow I will be blogging from Habit Fashion Summit at Grand Hôtel here in Stockholm. Probably I will be blogging here. Otherwise habit.se should tell you something different. I am looking forward to it and hopefully it will be fun, interesting and instructive for the future.

I am a bit late for bed now. I have to be at Grand pretty early tomorrow morning. Good night.

May 20 2009

Something readable

I had to see the link to this article (in swedish) twice before I read it. Now I am happy that I did and that’s why I am giving you the link as well, maybe you have seen it once before but ignored it. Here is your second chance. Take it!

I can’t really say that I have followed the case about the rom family in Vojakkala. But I have seen reports about them on Insider at TV3. When I watch Insider I always get the feeling about Robert Aschberg and his program that their cases are really biased.  In this case it seems like a whole country has been biased. Maciej Zaremba gives us another picture of the family. All I can say is… There are still hopes for swedish journalism.