Nov 22 2009

In good company

Today Niclas Strandh also known as Deeped on Twitter started to list people he is following on Twitter who has a link to their blog in their bio. I had the great honor of falling in list number one. Deeped and I have only followed each other on Twitter since May this year, and since he is following more than 2000 people, I am proud to be mentioned at the same list as people who I really look up to, for example, Nikke Lindqvist and Joakim Jardenberg. I also got some nice words about me and this blog that made me warm and happy inside.

The only bad thing about this is that I really get performance anxiety over this blog. I really need to blog more about all those things I think that I should blog about but never end up in the blog. Hmm, maybe it aint no bad thing after all… just a kick in my lazy butt. Although I won’t write any more blog posts today before I am finished with the concept description for my final project in school, deadline is today and even though most of it is in my head I haven’t written a sign yet.

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Aug 25 2009

Last weeks worth to read

I have read some good blog posts and articles during the last week that I want to share with you. Most of them are in Swedish so bare with me Danes, Dutchmen and Aussies, (I don’t know but maybe I have readers from other countries as well?)

Last weekend was also the weekend when sswc took place. Since I’m not old and experienced when it comes to  social media I didn’t even think of going there the first time I read about it. But the week before the camp I felt like I wanted to go there as well (but since my brother turned 30 I probably would’ve had problems to go anyway). Here are some selected posts about the camp that gives a hint about what seemed to be a very successful weekend.

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