Jan 28 2010

December 2009

Phew, time for the very last blog post in this summary of 2009. It’s been boring, probably even more boring for you. Next year I’ll do it in another format. Promise.

Life in General:

December was a month I don’t want to experience again. Some days I was frustrated and angry, some days I was sad, some days I was happy but I don’t remember those days…


I celebrated minichristmas at Pernilla’s, Stefan’s and Alice’s house together with Anna, Andreas and Tobias. We ate good food (not Christmas food) and had a nice evening together. One week later I celebrated New Years Eve in the same house with the same people, plus Jenny. A nice evening as always with my friends in Linköping.


The 28th of December was the last time I met my grandfather Bernth on this earth. He slept while I was there but when I was about to leave and realised that I had forgot to say good bye I ran back to his bed, grabbed his hand and said “Good bye grandpa”.

My family tried to celebrate Christmas as we always do, but it wasn’t like any other year. After spending the whole day by my grandfathers bed we went home in the evening. But we were all thinking of the only one who weren’t with us when we ate the Christmas food and handed out the gifts. It was all done in about two hours.


I wrote a blog post about how I felt about living a journalist life.


Interviews, interviews, interviews.. and a lot of writing in vain.


I worked at Lagos Mode one day in December, or not even one days, I think I worked for about three hours. It was the first day on the sale, the 26th of December.

Social Media:

I won the autumn competition at skyltat.se and got a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music which my brother is the happy owner of today.

I had a down period in this blog and just published five blog posts. I was probably out of words…


I made one weekend-trip to Östergötland in the beginning of the month but the day before Christmas Eve I went there and stayed for the rest of the month.


I bought my lovely iPhone 3GS 32 GB. Probably the best thing I have ever bought.


I actually got 6 movies from Marcus and CC for Christmas. The Lord of the rings trilogy and the Beck 21-24 box.

Mobile shot:

Third Advent

Third Advent


I forgot my camera at home when I went to Östergötland for Christmas and I hate myself for that. No photo of the month. I suck.

Dec 29 2009

Thank you

It’s been some time since my last post. There are more than one reason for that but a lot of things have happened during the past weeks. For example I have bought an iPhone. I have had it for a week today and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I have also had my last days at Tredje Statsmakten and Mentor. My last internship week were very hectic but I enjoyed my time anyway.

The Christmas holiday has been hard times for my family. That’s why I haven’t written until now. We haven’t prioritized things like blogs or Christmas gifts this year. I haven’t even sent as many Christmas greetings as I would’ve wanted to. Not even in my blog. At least I feel that I should’ve wished my blog readers a merry Christmas. I am sorry for that.

But as the topic says I would now like to thank you. Thank you all for the Christmas greetings, the Christmas gifts and the kind words. Thanks for all the warm greetings to the family. Thanks to all my tweeps for caring even though you don’t know my family. I love you all.

Oct 10 2009

Iphone time

Iphone time, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

Elisabeth playing with her iPhone.

Aug 27 2009

I want the iPhone

According to the CEO of Spotify Apple has approved their application to iPhone. It makes me want to have one more than ever…