Jul 15 2009

I didn’t know I was a stockholmer

I’ve always been told that if I move to Stockholm I will never move back.  To some extent I have agreed with that but mostly because I don’t want to live in my hometown. Not because I have thought that Stockholm will catch me forever.  Now it is 8 months since I moved and these months have been hovering between hope and despair. The first three months I was longing for my friends in Linköping so much that I couldn’t enjoy Stockholm at all. I still miss them from time to time because together with them I feel like I’m home. But later, during the spring Stockholm has got another taste in my mouth, a taste that actually is good and I have started to like it. Stockholm has begun to feel like a home, thus, not said that I can’t have more than one home.

So, now when I went to my hometown to work during the summer I didn’t really think that I would miss Stockholm that much. I have said that it is a pity that I am leaving when Stockholm is at its prime but not that I would miss our capital city. Last week I have come to understand that I do. I miss Stockholm. But on friday I am going home. Just for the weekend though but still. I am going home to Stockholm.

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