Jan 25 2010

November 2009

Life in General:

November was a very hectic month. And as it wasn’t enough I got myself another internship company. But all in all I am satisfied with what November gave me.


Sanna, Lorraine, Jenny and I gathered up in Jennys kitchen for some brainstorming about the spring which will include individual final projects for school, a collective blog and an event in may. We had lots of fun and got some really good ideas.

During a visit in Norrköping I enjoyed an evening at Världens Bar together with Pernilla, Stefan, Alice and Anna. And when Stefan visited Stockholm I had dinner with him.

In the end of the month, the first weekend in advent started with a 60’s party at Sanna’s place. The day after I took the train to Gnesta to spend the rest of the weekend at Josefin‘s and Björn‘s house for some pre-christmas-celebration or something. Nice people, nice food, nice mulled wine and nice Christmas songs.


My aunt Marianne and cousin Anna visited me again for another weekend with Millennium and gospel. We watched Flickan som lekte med elden at the cinema and went to a Kirk Franklin concert in Ericsson Globe.

I also visited my family i Norrköping for a weekend.


In the middle of November I lost control over my internship when I worked faster than expected at Tredje Statsmakten. I solved the problem by doing the rest of the internship at Habit 50% of the time while I stayed at Tredje Statsmakten 50% of the time.


Together with my co-worker Birgitta I was at the Habit Fashion Awards in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall where she was nominated as the best seller in Sweden. To bad she didn’t win but in my eyes she is the best anyway. We had a wonderful evening at the awards and atleast Birgitta will remember that for the rest of her life. I borrowed Lorraine’s camera for this evening and I am very grateful for that, but afterwards I regretted that I didn’t bring my own camera, ’cause then I would’ve had better photos now.

Maria at Modegalan

Maria at Modegalan

Social Media:

I participated in the Autumn competition at skyltat.se which I later won, I also blogged about my classmates on Twitter and ended up on Niclas Strandh‘s first list of blogging tweeps.

In the end of the month when the fashion store Urban Outfitters terminated all its staff the owner of their swedish domain name used social media in a try to help the employees. I wrote a pretty long blog post about that aswell.


The trips I made during the month weren’t very far, one to Norrköping and one to Bondhälla (outside Gnesta).


As I wrote above I watched Flickan som lekte med elden in November. The film was good, but it shone though that it was made for TV and not for cinema.


I created a Christmas list on Spotify and let my tweeps add their favourite to it. Here is the result.

Mobile shot:

Jakob at a party hosted by Sanna.

Jakob at a party hosted by Sanna.


It seems like I didn’t take any pictures with my beloved camera during November. Therefore, I have no picture of the month in this post. Unbelievable.

Sep 22 2009


When I wrote that headline I saw some gay celebrity at the Eurovision Song Contest or something in front of me… this is not quite that freaky but not far from.

Yesterday evening I got the final message that I will go to Habit Fashion Awards the 11th of November in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall. It’s kind of a surrealistic feeling. I mean… it’s me and the Nobel prize winners ;)

My first thought when I got the message was “I have to call my hair stylist” and my second thought was “I have to get started with the training again and with some sort of a diet”. I can’t get it out off my head what to wear, how to style my hair, how to make up my face, etc. I fear that this will be expensive. It will probably cost me more than my boss will pay for my ticket to the gala. It’s freaky but at the same time, it is fun to dress up for gala!