Feb 7 2010

The fashion panel hagglof

Today Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection competitions for the Eurovision Song Contest started. The music genre is mostly not my cup of tea, the biggest reason for me watching it is to see the clothes. It’s over the years become like a tradition for our family to review the clothes the artists are wearing. Since I am at my parents place this weekend we were to my great delight able discuss the costumes tonight as well. A new thing this year was that I also reported on Twitter where I gave us the name “modepanelen hagglof” (= the fashion panel hagglof).

So, first of all. Let me introduce the fashion panel hagglof:

Herbert Hägglöf – My father, has been working in the fashion industry since he was 14, which gives him 47 years of experience. Educated long time ago at the merchant institute in Stockholm and the textile institute in Borås. Now working as a store manager at Lagos Mode in Norrköping, a fashion store that implements 20 million a year and since 2007 is part of Mich. Sandström AB.

Anita Hägglöf – My mother, educated seamstress in the textile town of Norrköping. Her biggest qualification in fashion context is to have sewed dresses for our king Carl XVI Gustaf’s prom. Left the fashion industry in the 70’s to start working with health care.

Maria Hägglöf – Yeah, that’s me. I think you know me by now. But if you don’t, I have been working  in the fashion industry from time to time since 1998. I have mostly got my experience from the fashion industry in the store Lagos Mode but I have also been doing internship twice at the fashion industry magazine Habit. Since 2009 I am also in addition to my education (Communication new media) working extra as social media consultant and advisor with customers from the fashion industry.

Now to our assessment of the clothes in Melodifestivalen.

1. Ola – Unstoppable
He got some trouble with his belt which almost came loose. But apart from that he had nice clothes, it suited him and his song.

2. Jenny Silver – A Place to stay
Disagreements in the fashion panel. Herbet said: “The legs were nice but not the rest”. Anita said: “Weird hips”. Maria said: “stuffed hips and lack of pants is not ok”

3. Linda Pritchard – You’re Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot
This performance was to messy for us and we all got headache, so the only thing we could say about the clothes was “almost the same as the previous artist” and “looong earrings”.

4. Pain of Salvation – Road Salt
During this performance I cried of laughter when Herbert expressed his views on the singer’s clothes. He thought that there is something wrong with the upbringing of a child who has got the opportunity to sing in national television to wear an undershirt and torn jeans. When he also saw that he was barefoot, he just drew a deep sigh and continued with typical Herbert-expressions about these clothes. I laughed and cried, I have seen worse but to some extent I agree with Herbert. I can’t say what Anita thought about this cause she laughed as well.

5. Anders Ekborg – The Saviour
Anders had a black suit which always works and it looked good. But even though we understood that he was meant to have a slightly sloppy look, his tie knot was silly and ugly.

6. Jessica Andersson – I did it for love
When I saw Jessica I exclaimed: “Look, a dress!” and Herbert answered “It was about time, we’re at prominent number six”. Jessica had the only real dress in the first part of the song contest. It was black, it was long and it looked really good.

7. Frispråkarn – Singel
A bit boring but classic. Our rating: nice and good looking clothes for being worn by a hiphopper.

8. Salem Al Fakir – Keep on walking
The winner of this part of the contest also is the winner according to the fashion panel hagglof. The only bad thing with his light gray costume is our cold winter. But it suited him perfect!

All in all the artists didn’t impress us much. Tonight’s best garment was worn by the presenter Måns Zelmerlöw. His blazer was above anything else.

Jan 11 2010

June 2009

Life in General:

June was the month when I packed seven bags to go to Norrköping and live at my parents place for the summer, while being there I realized that I am a real stockholmer since I missed Stockholm a lot. I also turned 27  and celebrated my birthday in the garden with my family and the day after with my friends in Ljungsbro.


At our national day 6th of June it was time for a new party at Lidingö together with Lorraine, Sanna, Susanna, Jenny and Elisabeth. Great fun but what happens on the island, stays on the island.

I celebrated the Midsummer holiday at Björn and Josefin‘s place, Bondhälla. Probably the best midsummer holiday I have ever had.

25th of June Stefan and Pernilla got a daughter. A really cute girl, called Alice. She is the closest child I know and I really like to play and cuddle with her. And since she is the first child among the closest friends, she is really spoiled.

Two days after Alice was born it was time to celebrate mine and Andreas birthday at Anna and Andreas house in Ljungsbro. It was a nice party with a lot of nice people.




My brother visited me for the first time since I moved to Stockholm at the national day. It was a really short visit though since we had separated plans for the evening.


My first year at Medieinstitutet ended in the beginning of June with a really nice lecture by Teo Härén about creativity. I also received a lot of praise from my teacher in journalism which made me re-think about my future.


In June I went back to work at Lagos Mode in Norrköping. I enjoyed working again and meeting old and new customers. I also ran around with my camera and photographed my co-workers for the summer blog. In the beginning of the month I also worked as a presider at the election for the EU parliament.

Social Media:

In June I started to use social media at work for the first time when I set up the summer blog at Lagos Mode. I really enjoyed working with the blog and I learned a lot meanwhile.

Me posing for the summer blog.


As soon as the spring term was over Elisabeth and I went to Barcelona to get some sun and nice shopping. We had really fun together in Spain. I miss you and your crazy antics Elisabeth.

After I had “moved” to Norrköping for the summer I also made a trip to Vimmerby for a meeting with the big boss, Mr S. On the way there I also visited Sandströms in Vimmerby and Kisa.

Elisabeth at a restaurant in Barcelona.

Elisabeth at a restaurant in Barcelona.


The Pirate Party got over 7 percent of the swedish votes in the election for the EU parliament and Michael Jackson died and was mourned by a whole world.


Andreas and Anna gave me Chez Goth as a birthday present. It’s a shame I haven’t played it yet but I brought it to Stockholm and I haven’t found any boardgame partners there.

Mobile shot:

The tattoo.

No comments.

No comments.


Me and my grandparents at my birthday.

Grandma, Maria, Grandpa

Sep 27 2009

My Interests Pt. 2 – Fashion and the fashion industry

I hope you have been longing for part two in the series of blog posts about my interests, because here it comes.

Some interests in life you get from your parents and for me this is one of them. My interest in fashion is something I inherited from my parents and it is also something that has been growing bigger inside me when I’ve become older. Both my parents have been studying textile in their younger years and as a teenage child to a couple who can talk about the properties of viscose at the dinner table you reject their interest as something not cool enough for you.

And that is exactly what I did. I didn’t care much about fashion when I was a teenager and I was just wearing what I thought was comfortable, like a pair of jeans, mostly one or two sizes too big and a college sweater.

But when I was 16 and it was time for me to start working, my dads job was the first place to go to for a holiday work during the summer. The fashion store Lagos Mode was the place. I’m sure a lot of 16 year old girls would be jealous at me if I told them that I worked in a fashion store when I was 16. And I wasn’t even interested in fashion. I liked my job though and continued to work there every summer and Christmas holiday during high school. My fashion interest didn’t really grow bigger during those years and when I moved to Sundsvall to study computer engineering I took a pause from fashion. Although, the first summer after I moved back to Norrköping I was back at Lagos Mode again.

Some months later when they needed a stand-in at the goods receiving department I took the job and I think it was here my fashion interest started to grow. I started to like working with clothes. My position included a lot of contact with suppliers, purchasing managers and other players in the industry which also made me more interested in the fashion industry over all. 1,5 years later when I quit the job to move to Stockholm I even felt that I would miss the fashion industry. Afterwards I have also realised that I know more then ordinary people about fashion and the fashion industry.

When I did my first internship at my current education, I chose to do it at Habit (the biggest fashion industry magazine in Scandinavia). At Habit I felt that I wasn’t completely lost at the editorial office. Nah, I could actually work independently and I had a lot of knowledge that was useful for my work there.

So where am I today in this fashion jungle? I continue to read Habit, I follow all the fashion companies I have found on Twitter and I try to keep myself updated about what is happening in the fashion industry. I work with web communication for Lagos Mode and their owner Sandströms, trying to market them on the Internet without any budget. I like to shop a lot more than I used to do and I do care about what I wear. I still have my own style that doesn’t always correlate with the latest fashion trends. And despite everything that is trendy doesn’t suit me, I like to look at other people who have nice and trendy clothes and I like to  see what suits other people and what doesn’t suit them.

Me when I was posing for the boutiqe blog I worked with last summer.

Me when I was posing for the boutique blog I worked with last summer.

Sep 26 2009

Signé Chanel

Today I’ve watched the last episode of Signé Chanel (Fashion House Chanel). It’s a TV-series that really has engaged me. During an episode I can laugh, be annoyed and feel sorry within 26 minutes. Karl Lagerfeld is a really special and fascinating person. The best episode was in my opinion the second one with the shoemaker, who really had a twinkle in his eye and the poor dressmaker who had to remake her dress all the time. I also like the third episode with the old lady who lives in the countryside where she makes braids for Chanel.

The series are available on SVT Play but the first episode will be deleted by the end of today so time is short if you want to watch it.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Sep 22 2009


When I wrote that headline I saw some gay celebrity at the Eurovision Song Contest or something in front of me… this is not quite that freaky but not far from.

Yesterday evening I got the final message that I will go to Habit Fashion Awards the 11th of November in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall. It’s kind of a surrealistic feeling. I mean… it’s me and the Nobel prize winners ;)

My first thought when I got the message was “I have to call my hair stylist” and my second thought was “I have to get started with the training again and with some sort of a diet”. I can’t get it out off my head what to wear, how to style my hair, how to make up my face, etc. I fear that this will be expensive. It will probably cost me more than my boss will pay for my ticket to the gala. It’s freaky but at the same time, it is fun to dress up for gala!

Aug 26 2009

I’m so tired of the epithet “fashion bloggers”

I have never wished that my blog was written in Swedish more than I do now. Because this is one of those posts I really would have wanted to write in Swedish, but since I don’t have an arena for that I’ll take it in English. I don’t even know if this post will make any sense in other countries than Sweden but when writing this post I will have Swedish circumstances in mind.

“Fashion and design” is number two in the category list at the Swedish blog portal, after daily reflections. There are 13,691 fashion blogs registered, which represents 13,691 fashion bloggers. I write it again, fashion bloggers. It’s almost as if I shiver a bit when I write the words. Blogging about fashion is no longer something you do, it is something you are. Now I can’t say that I read a lot fashion blogs, but the perception I have got of the typical fashion blogger is a teenage blond girl who posts pictures of herself and writes about “today’s outfit”. There are also fashion bloggers at evening papers who write posts like “celebrities show their style, you decide what is working”. Fashion Bloggers are every so often mocked in other contexts and recently deepedition made a little fun of some young girls who are blogging mostly about fashion. I thought it was terribly funny and I also linked to his blog post from my blog.

Fashion Blogger has become such an epithet that no one over 25 who wants to be in a serious manner would ever want to be called a fashion blogger. At least that’s how I feel.

Now, how should the fashion industry seriously be able to break ground with social media?

I am 27 years old, have just begun my 18:th school year. I’m educated in computer technology and communication. But I happen to be interested in fashion as well, an interest that has emerged during my eleven years in the fashion industry. Last spring, I had an internship at the fashion trade magazine Habit, (probably the most serious magazine in Sweden that writes about fashion). I also have an interest in social media and how to use it as a communication tool. It may happen that I sometimes would like to blog about fashion, but of course I can’t do that because then I would be a fashion blogger which I really don’t want to be due to the above reasons.

This summer I ran a blog from the store where I am employed. My blog differed pretty much from the typical fashion blog, both linguistically and in context, but sometimes I could feel myself that – at a superficial glance – the difference was subtle. Throughout the summer, I was terrified that someone would call me a fashion blogger. To my knowledge, I managed to escape from that, perhaps thanks to the fact that the store’s target audience is slightly older than the typical “fashion blog reader” and a lot of my readers do not usually read blogs at all. In addition, the blog was time limited and I could probably never be known as “Maria – the shop blogger (butiksbloggaren)” or what I feared, “Maria – the fashion blogger”.

Sometimes I feel an anxiety over this. How do I do if I am over 25, want to be regarded as a serious communicator and blog about fashion? I have not even bothered to make a fashion category in my own blog. I would probably never use it because I can not for God’s sake be a fashion blogger.

But what is more important than my personal anxiety about this is how should the fashion industry do it? If they in a personal way want to blog about their business without being “fashion bloggers” with everything the epithet implies. I do not know but I hope for a change and maybe the change will come in a natural way when the young fashion bloggers get older, wiser and are on the labour market.

Jun 17 2009

This is not todays outfit

I just want to show some things I have bought. Maybe a midsummer outfit?


Blouse: Desigual

Skirt: edc

Hat: Accessorize

I am sorry all big fashion bloggers, now I am gonna conquer your world! :P

Jun 16 2009

Barcelona in my heart

So, as you might have understood from my last post I am back from Spain. Elisabeth and I had a wonderful time in the city of Barcelona.

When we arrived there at the Saturday, we took the metro to our hotel which we found pretty fast without too much wandering around. The hotel was very nice. Nicer than I expected for that price (pictures will come). Our apartment was actually twice the size of my own apartment. After we had checked in we were in big need of food, so we went to the first restaurant we could find and had pizza. The rest of the day was spent on the roof of the hotel on sunbeds. In the evening we took the metro to Sagrada Familia to take some touristic photos and then we went to the magic fountain at Montjuïc where we saw the fountain show and just enjoyed the good atmosphere in the area. Good thing our hotel was located at Montjuïc as well so we could go directly from there to bed.

On the Sunday we went to the beach in the morning to get our skin tanned. When we came there it was a bit cloudy and we had a lot of space on the beach which we shared together with the Thai girls trying to sell massage to people. I lost count on how many times I said ‘no’ to massage but I am sure it was at least 30. When we left at around 2pm it was 30 degrees, the beach was overcrowded and the Thai girls had company. There were now tattoo sellers, Indians who repeatedly shouted “cervesa, cola, fanta, aqua, beeeer”, other Indians who yelled “dodadodadodadodadoda coconut” (yes, they sold coconut pieces), people who sold sun glasses, skirts and all kinds of things. We got enough of all these salesmen and promised each other that we weren’t going back to the beach again. Instead we went to Parc de la Ciutadella, a cozy park with some attractions worth photographing. After we had gone through the park we went to the hotel to take a shower. The sweat was actually dropping from our bodies by then. We took the metro back to the city in the evening for dinner and a walk at La Rambla and finished the day with fruit and a drink on the balcony at our hotel.

The Monday was our big shopping day! Barcelona is the prefect city for shopping so in the morning we took the metro to Passeig de Gràcia which is the biggest fashion street in Barcelona.  We found more nice clothes than we had euro to pay for, so next time we go there we will probably bring more money :) When we went back to the hotel after 6 hours I had three tops, one tunic, one skirt and one blouse in my bags so I was quite satisfied anyway. Desigual is my new favourite brand ;) I also bought new sunglasses since I left mine in a fitting room somewhere by mistake.

Our plan for the evening was to take a shower, eat dinner, watch the fountain show again and then go to bed since we had to leave early in the morning today.  But when we came to the fountain we realised that there were no shows on mondays so we just went back to the hotel to sleep. Here is where we failed big time. When the time was 1am, we were still awake laughing like crazy about nothing. I can’t really explain why, but I guess we were over tired or something. Although it wasn’t that hard to wake up at 6am to eat breakfast, check out from the hotel and go to the airport this morning. But at 4pm there were two tired and hungry girls who arrived back in Stockholm. To sum everything up we can just say that it was a nice trip, we could go back to Barcelona any time. If you ever have thought about going there, you should just do it, you won’t regret it.

Jun 6 2009

I am going all in tonight

I am going all in tonight, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

Dressed for party on our national day.

May 27 2009

My day at Grand Hôtel

So I went to Grand Hôtel this morning to attend Habit Fashion Summit and blog from there. The day began with some technical problems but after solving most of them I could finally start blogging which I did together with the editor-in-chief.  I also got a very tasty lunch :) The day was fun and interesting with some really good speeches by some of the CEO’s from the biggest fashion companies in Sweden. But in the end I was so tired and had a really annoying headache so the last speech was like mumbo jumbo for me.

The best quotation of the day must be “the chains of stores who say that they make streetwear, they don’t make streetwear, they make t-shirts with prints” – Greger Hagelin, CEO WeSC.