Jan 13 2010

July 2009

Life in General:

In July most people are having vacation, but that’s the month when I worked the most.  I lived in Norrköping the entire month and realized that I missed Stockholm.


I visited Alice and her parents in Linköping and melted when she fell asleep in my arms. When I went home to Stockholm for just a weekend I met up with Jenny and when we had decided to meet up with Peter and Adam we ended up at a rave party. Odd, I know.

Alice and I before she fell asleep. Photo: Stefan Doverud

Alice and I before she fell asleep. Photo: Stefan Doverud


I lived at my parent’s house the entire month and together with them I went to the castle in Örebro for a family reunion with all descendants of my mother’s grandparents.


I worked really hard this month at Lagos Mode, both in the store and with the blog, at the expense of my personal blog which wasn’t very updated during July.


As written above I made two trips in July, one to my home in Stockholm and one to Örebro.

Mobile shot:

I caught Jenny when she was eating candy at work. Look how guilty she looks ;)

Jenny eating candy.

Jenny eating candy.


I missed Stockholm in July and went here when I had a weekend off work. I took a walk at Södermalm where I also took some photos.

View from Mosebacke

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Jul 25 2009


I am back home after the trip to Örebro. I took 128 photos. I am too tired to blog about it today tho’, let’s hope I have time and energy to do it tomorrow.

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Jul 24 2009

Tough days…

This week has been pretty tough for me at work. We have been a few men/women short and I have been working like mad trying to get everything to work out in all departments. I have also tried to keep the blog up at the same time. Today I brought raspberrymuffins with swedish flags to the staff since we all have worked very hard this week and also with a good result. We are simply the best ;)

Next week will be easier, we will have a bigger staff and I will not work as many hours as I’ve done this week. I have this weekend off work so tomorrow I am going to Örebro for a relatives gathering in the castle. Pictures will probably come later on :)

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