Jan 10 2010

Beaten by Jib Jab

My resume of 2009 feels kind of boring. Somehow I regret starting with it, but at the same time I feel that I have to finish what I have started.

Jib Jab has done a much better summary of the year and it’s pretty fun as well.

I found it in Emanuel Karlstens blog.

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Oct 21 2009

One day

That was exactly how long I had been on my internship before I got sick. It was the first time I got to call in sick during my current education. I didn’t even know the e-mailaddress to send my absent to.  I didn’t get time to do much yesterday either, we had a meeting the whole morning basically. And during the afternoon I was mostly sniffling and doing some research, I have got some ideas though and I hope most of it is doable.

Today I have been mostly been in bed watching the livestream of The Really Realtime Conference by Disruptive Media. The best speech was by Emanuel Karlsten about how Dagen made friends on Facebook. He made me wake up a bit. But most of the conference was actually really good, Annika Lidne had gathered some really good speakers there.

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Sep 15 2009


As long as I can remember, there have been issues of Dagen in my parents’ home. For me, Dagen is the Christian Newspaper my grandparents subscribe to and my mother reads at night. There has been a constant expression at home “mummy reads the day at night.” It doesn’t make sense in English, but anyway. To this day my parents are still taking over all the issues of Dagen when, now only my grandmother has read them. I have to admit that I have never been an enthusiastic reader of Dagen. I’ve just browsed it through sometimes and read an article now and then that I have found interesting.

Since my mother started using the Internet more frequently, I sometimes get tips from her by e-mail about articles at Dagen.se. I always read the articles she suggests – my mother knows me and what I’m interested in – but during the past six months, I have not had to read the articles she has suggested. Because I have already read them. And that is not because I have become more devout during the past year.

Nah, the reason why I have started to read articles at Dagen.se spontaneously is from the beginning because of Emanuel Karlsten and his energetic twittering. But the more I have read Dagen.se the more I have felt the presence of the editorial staff by my side. Oops, now I was maybe overly spiritual, but what I mean is that they have succeeded in creating a relationship with their readers in a way I can’t really put my finger on.

Dagen.se seems responsive and modern, not nearly as dusty as the Christianity itself sometimes can be seen. They have made a name for themselves far beyond the Christian communities in this country. When it comes to the web they have made their way up to the same levels – if not even higher – as the biggest newspapers in Sweden. Thanks to Emanuel Karlsten they are also well known and read by the “social media bubble”. Therefore, I wasn’t very surprised today when Medievärlden nominated Dagen.se for “Newspaper of the year, digital dedia”. They are well worth both the nomination and the prize in my opinion. I can only say Big congratulations to Dagen.se and its editorial staff.

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Aug 25 2009

Last weeks worth to read

I have read some good blog posts and articles during the last week that I want to share with you. Most of them are in Swedish so bare with me Danes, Dutchmen and Aussies, (I don’t know but maybe I have readers from other countries as well?)

Last weekend was also the weekend when sswc took place. Since I’m not old and experienced when it comes to  social media I didn’t even think of going there the first time I read about it. But the week before the camp I felt like I wanted to go there as well (but since my brother turned 30 I probably would’ve had problems to go anyway). Here are some selected posts about the camp that gives a hint about what seemed to be a very successful weekend.

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