Jan 1 2010

January 2009

*~’`^`’~*-,._.,-*~’`Happy New Year! ´’~*-,._.,-*~’´^´’~*

I will try to summarize the year of 2009 according to me, with 12 blog posts. The first post in my summation will be categorized as follows.

Life in general:

The first month of the year was mostly about school for me.  I had a lot to do with school work and I didn’t leave Stockholm during the whole month.


For my family January wasn’t the best month. My grandfather broke his femur and he will never be able to walk again.


I celebrated the new year with my best friends at Tobias summer cottage.


School was all about the term project which I together with Anna and Elisabeth. I was going back to php coding, which I really enjoyed. We also had a term exhibition where we presented our project for the school and other interested people. In the end of the month I wrote my term examination and got a good grade ;)


I wrote this personal blog post about my life as an avaocado plant.


I bought an Olympus digital voice recorder which has been very useful throughout the year.

Olympus VN-3500PC

Olympus VN-3500PC


I watched Mio in the land of Faraway for the first time ever and was a bit dissapointed because of the dubbing.


Coldplay won three out of three Rockbears and I congratulated them and some other winners.


I followed Körslaget on TV and watched my friend Jon lose and my friend Elinor win.


I read Hemlös med egna ord which I liked and wrote a little review about it.


The photo of the month is:

Anna, Elisabeth and I were tired after the hard work with the term project.

Anna, Elisabeth and I were tired after the hard work with the term project. Photo: Peter Larsson.

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