Nov 9 2009

79% of my classmates are on Twitter

Lately I have heard alot of stories about Swedish journalist students absence at Twitter. A lot of journalist students don’t even seem to know what Twitter is, which in my ears sounds alarming. But don’t worry, I can tell you there is hope for the future because there is a group of students in this country called KNM08, also known as my classmates.

I am at my second and final year, studying Communication new media at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. The education is pretty wide but concentrated to focus on new media and a third of it is internship periods. In the future me and my classmates will probably work as web editors, journalists, informants, copy writers, pr consultants or social media strategists for example. Our first week in school, just over a year ago, we had a lecture held by Annika Lidne about social media. We got introduced to Twitter and from the beginning most of us didn’t really understand how we could use it. For me it took even three months before I registered a Twitter account. Having an account didn’t make it for me though. It took about four additional months before Twitter hit the fan for me and I understood how useful it can be. I started to follow more interesting people and I got followers myself, not only spammers and irl friends. After the summer more and more classmates of mine followed my line and the hashtag #knm08 was born. I should also add to this story that Annika Lidne isn’t the only Twitter active lecturer we’ve had in school during the past year. For example we have also listened to and had workshops with Joakim Nyström, Björn Falkevik and Johan Lange who all should have thanks for bringing social media to KNM08.

During the last weeks even the late adopters in my class have started to investigate the world of tweets and now 22 of my 28 classmates are on Twitter. Most of us are also active tweeters and at Twitter we communicate with each other but also with our future colleagues. Twitter has become a great tool for us to get an insight in our future labour market and the industry we will work with. I have actually even got my current internship at Medierna through Twitter.

So if you are on Twitter, say hello to my fellow classmates, they are great guys, really.

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Oct 21 2009

One day

That was exactly how long I had been on my internship before I got sick. It was the first time I got to call in sick during my current education. I didn’t even know the e-mailaddress to send my absent to.  I didn’t get time to do much yesterday either, we had a meeting the whole morning basically. And during the afternoon I was mostly sniffling and doing some research, I have got some ideas though and I hope most of it is doable.

Today I have been mostly been in bed watching the livestream of The Really Realtime Conference by Disruptive Media. The best speech was by Emanuel Karlsten about how Dagen made friends on Facebook. He made me wake up a bit. But most of the conference was actually really good, Annika Lidne had gathered some really good speakers there.

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Jun 9 2009

Last day in school.. sort of

Today was the last official day in school for my class.  A really good day actually with two of my favorite lecturers Annika Lidne and Johan Lange. Annika held a lecture about social media and how it’s supposed to be used both as a private person and as a professional. It was really good and inspiring. After the lunch break Johan Lange held a nice lecture in project management where we among other things discussed how to handle conflicts.

To sum it up it has been a great but intense day. When I came home I went out to the running track and it just felt good since I had the time to think my day through and almost forgot that I was running!

Tomorrow I am going back to school to chill in the sofa with some candy and read as many reports as possible from other students’ internship periods. I really need to get some ideas about where I am going to apply for my ten weeks internship period next term. I also have an exhibition at a museum to attend and a little examination task for this term left to do. So I can’t really say that summer holidays are here yet.  Just a little.

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