Mar 19 2010

Something I totally have missed

Tonight I suddenly saw a part of a trailer to the Swedish TV-show “Körslaget”. I have written about their trailers before and I had to check the date on the last of those posts cause the show is usually during the autumn/winter. But now TV4 seem to have nothing else to do than transmitting yet another season of Körslaget. And they didn’t even have time or money to produce a trailer anywhere close to as good as the earlier ones. Or am I wrong?

Feb 7 2010

The fashion panel hagglof

Today Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection competitions for the Eurovision Song Contest started. The music genre is mostly not my cup of tea, the biggest reason for me watching it is to see the clothes. It’s over the years become like a tradition for our family to review the clothes the artists are wearing. Since I am at my parents place this weekend we were to my great delight able discuss the costumes tonight as well. A new thing this year was that I also reported on Twitter where I gave us the name “modepanelen hagglof” (= the fashion panel hagglof).

So, first of all. Let me introduce the fashion panel hagglof:

Herbert Hägglöf – My father, has been working in the fashion industry since he was 14, which gives him 47 years of experience. Educated long time ago at the merchant institute in Stockholm and the textile institute in Borås. Now working as a store manager at Lagos Mode in Norrköping, a fashion store that implements 20 million a year and since 2007 is part of Mich. Sandström AB.

Anita Hägglöf – My mother, educated seamstress in the textile town of Norrköping. Her biggest qualification in fashion context is to have sewed dresses for our king Carl XVI Gustaf’s prom. Left the fashion industry in the 70’s to start working with health care.

Maria Hägglöf – Yeah, that’s me. I think you know me by now. But if you don’t, I have been working  in the fashion industry from time to time since 1998. I have mostly got my experience from the fashion industry in the store Lagos Mode but I have also been doing internship twice at the fashion industry magazine Habit. Since 2009 I am also in addition to my education (Communication new media) working extra as social media consultant and advisor with customers from the fashion industry.

Now to our assessment of the clothes in Melodifestivalen.

1. Ola – Unstoppable
He got some trouble with his belt which almost came loose. But apart from that he had nice clothes, it suited him and his song.

2. Jenny Silver – A Place to stay
Disagreements in the fashion panel. Herbet said: “The legs were nice but not the rest”. Anita said: “Weird hips”. Maria said: “stuffed hips and lack of pants is not ok”

3. Linda Pritchard – You’re Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot
This performance was to messy for us and we all got headache, so the only thing we could say about the clothes was “almost the same as the previous artist” and “looong earrings”.

4. Pain of Salvation – Road Salt
During this performance I cried of laughter when Herbert expressed his views on the singer’s clothes. He thought that there is something wrong with the upbringing of a child who has got the opportunity to sing in national television to wear an undershirt and torn jeans. When he also saw that he was barefoot, he just drew a deep sigh and continued with typical Herbert-expressions about these clothes. I laughed and cried, I have seen worse but to some extent I agree with Herbert. I can’t say what Anita thought about this cause she laughed as well.

5. Anders Ekborg – The Saviour
Anders had a black suit which always works and it looked good. But even though we understood that he was meant to have a slightly sloppy look, his tie knot was silly and ugly.

6. Jessica Andersson – I did it for love
When I saw Jessica I exclaimed: “Look, a dress!” and Herbert answered “It was about time, we’re at prominent number six”. Jessica had the only real dress in the first part of the song contest. It was black, it was long and it looked really good.

7. Frispråkarn – Singel
A bit boring but classic. Our rating: nice and good looking clothes for being worn by a hiphopper.

8. Salem Al Fakir – Keep on walking
The winner of this part of the contest also is the winner according to the fashion panel hagglof. The only bad thing with his light gray costume is our cold winter. But it suited him perfect!

All in all the artists didn’t impress us much. Tonight’s best garment was worn by the presenter Måns Zelmerlöw. His blazer was above anything else.

Jan 17 2010

September 2009

Life in General:

Now when it’s really cold outside it’s all forgotten that we had an indian summer in September. The weather was lovely and made us swedes in a happy mood :)


Lorraine, Stephanie, Susanna and I had a little party at Susanna’s place before we went to Lemon Bar where we met up with Hanna and Malin. The night ended with a little walk in the “early morning” together with Lorraine before we went home.


I went home to my family to attend a funeral together with them. Even though Bosse weren’t a family member he has always felt like one and it felt like a matter of course to be there.


I started to write on the series of personal blog posts about my interests. I didn’t finish this project though and since I hate to start with projects and not finish them I hope that I will get time to write the rest of the posts this year.


In school almost everything was about the dementia project but we also had some nice lectures and workshops with among others Björn Falkevik and Joakim Nyström.


In September my hunt for an internship in social media got a result when I got my internship at Tredje Statsmakten Media who are producing Medierna in Sveriges Radio.

Social Media:

I read a lot of blog posts during September and I even had time to blog about some of them that I really liked, I blogged about Brit Stakston and about Kristoffer Björkman. The big discussion in the social media bubble this month which started already in August was about the pointless babble and even I wrote a blog post about it which I don’t feel ashamed about yet ;)

In my own blog I tried to write about my interests as I mentioned above. The blog also got a little revamp with new plugins and widgets.

I also got my second internship period through Twitter.


There was only one trip made during September and that was to my home county Östergötland.


Andreas Ekström announced the “no Google day” at the 1st of September. Something he failed upon already 7am but Google failed aswell when Google mail crashed in the evening.


I made a list of 100 tunes from the 00-decade which I realized was to early when Markus Krunegård released a new album with the song Benny. Although I have listened a lot to my list so I am happy that I made it.


I watched the TV-series Signé Chanel (Fashion House Chanel) in September and I loved it. Within an episode of 26 minutes I laughed, was annoyed and felt sorry together with the participants.

Mobile shot:

This is what happens if you give me a banana cause I don't eat bananas.

This is what happens if you give me a banana cause I don't eat bananas.


When I am browsing through my photos I can’t find any photo from September. Can it really be true? No photo of the month? I don’t use my camera often enough…

Jan 1 2010

January 2009

*~’`^`’~*-,._.,-*~’`Happy New Year! ´’~*-,._.,-*~’´^´’~*

I will try to summarize the year of 2009 according to me, with 12 blog posts. The first post in my summation will be categorized as follows.

Life in general:

The first month of the year was mostly about school for me.  I had a lot to do with school work and I didn’t leave Stockholm during the whole month.


For my family January wasn’t the best month. My grandfather broke his femur and he will never be able to walk again.


I celebrated the new year with my best friends at Tobias summer cottage.


School was all about the term project which I together with Anna and Elisabeth. I was going back to php coding, which I really enjoyed. We also had a term exhibition where we presented our project for the school and other interested people. In the end of the month I wrote my term examination and got a good grade ;)


I wrote this personal blog post about my life as an avaocado plant.


I bought an Olympus digital voice recorder which has been very useful throughout the year.

Olympus VN-3500PC

Olympus VN-3500PC


I watched Mio in the land of Faraway for the first time ever and was a bit dissapointed because of the dubbing.


Coldplay won three out of three Rockbears and I congratulated them and some other winners.


I followed Körslaget on TV and watched my friend Jon lose and my friend Elinor win.


I read Hemlös med egna ord which I liked and wrote a little review about it.


The photo of the month is:

Anna, Elisabeth and I were tired after the hard work with the term project.

Anna, Elisabeth and I were tired after the hard work with the term project. Photo: Peter Larsson.

Nov 19 2009

Let me show you a secret

Sorry my non swedish readers, here is a swedish movie to someone who deserves thanks.

Sep 26 2009

Signé Chanel

Today I’ve watched the last episode of Signé Chanel (Fashion House Chanel). It’s a TV-series that really has engaged me. During an episode I can laugh, be annoyed and feel sorry within 26 minutes. Karl Lagerfeld is a really special and fascinating person. The best episode was in my opinion the second one with the shoemaker, who really had a twinkle in his eye and the poor dressmaker who had to remake her dress all the time. I also like the third episode with the old lady who lives in the countryside where she makes braids for Chanel.

The series are available on SVT Play but the first episode will be deleted by the end of today so time is short if you want to watch it.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Sep 22 2009

The new “Körslaget” trailer

Today I saw the new Körslaget trailer on Swedish TV4. As always they have put a lot of effort on the trailer to the program which make the trailers better than the program itself. I have written about this before.

I like the first trailer the most, closely followed by the second one. Least of all, I like this year’s trailer, it is not as impactful as previous years’ trailers. It is more theatrical than musical in my opinion. Here are all the trailers, which one do you like the most?