Jan 5 2010

March 2009

Life in general:

In March I got to taste real life when I did my first internship. I realized that work > school.


I had my first really great night out in Stockholm since I moved here. Together with Lorraine, Sanna, Susanna and Karin I had so much fun and I came home after the newspaper :)


My aunt Marianne and cousin Anna came to visit me during a weekend in the middle of March. We had a great weekend together with lots of good laughs.


My first internship period at Habit started and I learned to wake up early in the morning. I got routines and after some months with a lot of stomach problems I started to enjoy life again. During this time I didn’t blog much though. Commuting stole my time.




The only trips I did during this month were my daily trips to Lidingö when I had my internship at Mentor Online.

Mentor Online at Lidingö.

Mentor Online at Lidingö.


My aunt, cousin and I went to Klara Kyrka for a gospel concert with the Ådahl brothers where I got to hear some good old favourites of mine :)


When my aunt and cousin visited me we went to the cinema and watched Män som hatar kvinnor. A really good movie in my opinion. I also wrote a little review of it.


The photo of the month will be a picture of the great party hostess Lorraine from our first party at Lidingö.

The party queen Lorraine. Photo: Sanna Stefansson.

The party queen Lorraine. Photo: Sanna Stefansson.

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Dec 29 2009

Thank you

It’s been some time since my last post. There are more than one reason for that but a lot of things have happened during the past weeks. For example I have bought an iPhone. I have had it for a week today and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I have also had my last days at Tredje Statsmakten and Mentor. My last internship week were very hectic but I enjoyed my time anyway.

The Christmas holiday has been hard times for my family. That’s why I haven’t written until now. We haven’t prioritized things like blogs or Christmas gifts this year. I haven’t even sent as many Christmas greetings as I would’ve wanted to. Not even in my blog. At least I feel that I should’ve wished my blog readers a merry Christmas. I am sorry for that.

But as the topic says I would now like to thank you. Thank you all for the Christmas greetings, the Christmas gifts and the kind words. Thanks for all the warm greetings to the family. Thanks to all my tweeps for caring even though you don’t know my family. I love you all.

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Dec 6 2009

Living the journalist life

As I have written before I am currently doing my internship at Tredje Statsmakten who are producing Medierna in Swedish Radio P1 and at the fashion industry magazine Habit. Two different companies which are both working with journalism. But I am no journalist and sometimes I ask myself what I am doing at these places but the more I think of it the more it makes sense.

At Tredje Statsmakten, I work mostly with managing their social media feeds, helping them to develop interaction on their webpages and writing texts for the Web. Although I am not doing much journalistic work there, I am a part of their journalism and I do like it. I like to listen to their discussions and I like to be a part of the interesting programs they produce every week. I’m among really great and inspiring journalists and I really enjoy it.

At Habit I am working as a journalist. I am writing a few fairly (at least for me) big articles and even though I did my first internship there, it feels like a challenge, mostly because I haven’t written that much in my life, but also because I know that my co-workers at Habit are much more skilled and experienced than me. But I really like to be there as well. I enjoy the work I am doing and I like my co-workers who are good role models as well as good and inspiring writers.

Since Tredje Statsmakten and Habit have two very different editorial staffs it sometimes feels like I am living in two different worlds of journalism. But I must say that I love it. I like both places very much and it gives me a good balance to write about media criticism one day and about fashion the day after. I also get a healthy distance to both of these worlds.

So, why do I hang around with all these journalists?
For a while I thought I had lost myself a bit when I had driven my boat so much against the journalistic direction, because journalist has never been my final goal. But if I rewind the tape almost two years back to when I applied for my current education, I had one thing in mind. I wanted to become a better writer. I had applied for a lot of web editor jobs and been to a lot of interviews, but every time I was asked if I was a good writer I had no proof which showed that I could write. I thought that I was an OK writer but since I never ever had got my own texts critically reviewed, I knew that my words were not so heavily weighed. So, working with journalism now when I have the chance feels like the right thing to do. While I am gathering evidence for the future, I develop my writing and get useful experience. If I will work as a journalist in the future is yet to see but I think that I am about to eliminate the risks of being rejected as a not good enough writer for any other type of job. I mean, if I have got my texts published in a magazine, I shouldn’t suck anyway.

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Nov 24 2009

Under control again

I have been a bit lost during the last week. I lost control over my internship situation when I almost rationalized myself away at Tredje Statsmakten. I have worked to build up, streamline and automate the work of social media for Medierna for some weeks now. When we were all satisfied with the solutions I ended up with not enough things to do. I got a bit bored and started to feel bad over the whole situation. Those days when I had things to do I enjoyed my time at Tredje Statsmakten, but when I didn’t have anything to do I felt dissatisfied and not as a part of the group. Now I don’t blame anyone for this, I still like Tredje Statsmakten a lot, they are great journalists and I love to listen to their discussions. Internship means practice, and practice is most often trial and error. None of us knew how it would end up and even if I have personal experiences from social media, I have never worked with social media for a commercial purpose before. Apart from the summer blog I wrote last summer.

But problems are there to solve. I talked to the persons involved and after some discussions, I decided to find an alternative company to do my internship at for 50% of the time. But since it’s just five weeks left of my intership period it felt stupid to go to a completely new place and just work 50% of the time. It’s just… eleven days. That’s why I now will go back to Habit. The fashion industry magazine where I had my first internship in March-April. It won’t be the same thing as last time though. Only one person on the editorial staff remains of those I worked with last spring and they are now working in an open plan office, instead of their personal offices as when I was there. So I think that even if it’s the same magazine, I will get new useful work experiences.

The fact that Medierna and Habit are working with such diverse journalism, makes me think I will have five great and varied weeks in front of me. And now when things are under control, I feel good and happy again.

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Oct 21 2009

One day

That was exactly how long I had been on my internship before I got sick. It was the first time I got to call in sick during my current education. I didn’t even know the e-mailaddress to send my absent to.  I didn’t get time to do much yesterday either, we had a meeting the whole morning basically. And during the afternoon I was mostly sniffling and doing some research, I have got some ideas though and I hope most of it is doable.

Today I have been mostly been in bed watching the livestream of The Really Realtime Conference by Disruptive Media. The best speech was by Emanuel Karlsten about how Dagen made friends on Facebook. He made me wake up a bit. But most of the conference was actually really good, Annika Lidne had gathered some really good speakers there.

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Oct 15 2009

This years last day in school

Today was my last day in school for this year. The whole day was devoted to the presentation of our project for the customers. A project we have worked with since August. We were very nervous before our presentation but the customers really liked our work and ideas. And now when it’s over, I really feel relieved. No more dementia before I get old… hopefully. Afterwards most of my classmates celebrated together with an afterwork at the local pub Retro. It was also a little goodbye since we are not gonna see each other that much during the upcoming weeks.

Ten weeks of internship at Tredje Statsmakten are awaiting and I am looking forward to it with joy. It will hopefully be alot of fun and instructive!

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Oct 6 2009

Deadline tomorrow

But we have finished our Project today. Do I feel good? Yes, I do.

Next week it’s pitch. And then… No more school until after Christmas. It’s internship time :)

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Sep 29 2009

Fourth Estate

This morning I was at Tredje Statsmakten to talk about what I am gonna do during my internship with them. I think it will be great. I am gonna work with their production Medierna and make its website more interactive. I am also gonna try to get some interactivity with their listeners through social media. In three weeks I am there and will be for ten weeks. It will be something different in my life and I’m looking forward to it with excitement.

And by the way, did I mention that I got this internship through Twitter? :)

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Aug 25 2009

School has started

Yesterday school started again after 10 weeks of summer holiday.  I don’t really want to call it holiday though since I have worked most of the time, but anyway. It was nice to meet my classmates again and we are starting right off with a live project. We met our customer yesterday and it feels pretty good. I’m settled in a group of four, two of whom are new project members for me.

Another thing that’s new for this year is that we are scheduled Wednesdays and Thursdays, unlike last year when we were scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays. At the moment it feels like the new schedule is worse than last years but I guess it will work.

That means I had this day off school so I have worked my best with internship applications today. So far I can only say, The Internship Hunt continues…

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Aug 17 2009

The internship hunt

The last ten weeks of the autumn term are dedicated for another internship period. I am looking forward to this but at the same time I am puzzled. I am puzzled because I still haven’t got it sorted yet with where to carry out this internship. So, I remade my homepage for internship hunting.

If you are working at a company who might have use for an intern like me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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