Lousy blogger

I am thinking about what I should do with this blog… I am barely blogging here any longer. When I want to blog about something related to media somehow which is about all interesting blog subjects in my mind the blog posts end up at Någotsmart. And then the rest might (if I’ve got the energy to write about it) end up here which is mostly boring stuff about myself and what I am doing. Not really anything that interests other people than my closest friends or family. Therefore the blog posts aren’t very common here these days… I don’t know how to use this blog anymore, if I should focus on something special or just leave it to become a place where I write those things that I want to write but don’t fit in anywhere else. Or maybe I should quit blogging here and leave it as an archive. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Lousy blogger”

  • gcb Says:

    I guess if no-one replies, that in itself is a sign. Trust the Clam to make a comment like that, and thereby obfuscate the sign’s meaning 8) I still do drop in here to see if your swenglish is still as good as it has become over time…and to that end it is ; I feel almost worthless now <grin>,,,but that’s a good thing I guess. In the end…like most things online…a lot depends on how much time you/people have to spentt keeping..say a blog like this….’active’. Once the time is unavailable, inactivity leads to entropy, and like on a wiki, all the dead branches eventually wither and die. In the ‘olden days’ the only thing akin to a blog, would be a personal dairy, and so in that respect all the material here should be preserved….ie; fill up your old dairy, stick it in a safe place for historical/sentimental reasons, and start a new dairy. Life’s a bit like that anyhow, and hardly anyone keeps personal diaries anymore.
    Life’s a bit like this anyhow…start something new, master it, and take that knowledge forward with you onto something else new ; ie ; wash ; rinse ;  repeat. Sometimes the seeming ‘death of a blog’ is a good thing, because it indicates the author’s life has moved on in this fashion — if you ask me, anyone who keeps the same blog going ad_infinitum really doesn’t have a life at all (or is under achieving because obviously they have too much time on their hands ;)
    Wget the whole blog and burn it to disk for your memoirs – be happy and don’t look back – “nothing is lost if something new and better has began”…

  • Maria Says:

    Man, you have just written a novel… But thanks for your comment :)

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