Morris Motorcycles racing team

I am a proud member and partner of Morris Motorcycles racing team.

Morris Motorcycles racing team is a crowd sourced racing team founded by my friend Morris Packer who wants to convert from being the mobile guru of Sweden to be the electric motorcycle king of Sweden. Morris is aiming for having the racing team to start in eGrand Prix, the racing contest for high performance electric motorcycles, and later also to become a distributor for electric motorbikes in Sweden. And as our first driver we have the “rally princess” Annie Seel.

I think this is a fun, interesting and crazy project. Even though I don’t know much about motorcycles and such it will be interesting and fun to follow this project and I will for sure be on my toes the third of July when the first contest in the eGrand Prix starts. I mean, I am – among so far 99 others – a member of a team which will participate in an international competition, of course I will be following it with enthusiasm.

If you think this sounds fun, interesting or just crazy, you can become a member or a partner of this racing team as well, just register yourself here.

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