In memoriam

My grandfather Bernth died this morning. After almost 92 years he fell asleep peacefully for the last time today.

My grandfather was a man who enjoyed life most of the time. He loved children and as his grandchild I couldn’t have gotten a better grandfather. My brother and I were the apples of his eye. Even when he became older and infirm, when he met children, his eyes really shone and he was playing with them as best as he could. He used to lark about with adults as well as children and he was full of great stories. If it wasn’t stories from his life as a milk machine fitter at farms all over the country, it was made up stories he had learned as a child about trolls and giants around the Örebro area where he grew up. I have spent many days in my grandmother’s and grandfather’s garden, where we played soccer or crocket together, times which are great memories for me. During his life my grandfather spread a lot of joy and laughter around him. He also had a very big heart, he always cared about people around him and wished them prosperity.

Even though he was very weak and mostly slept the last two weeks of his life, he wanted and tried to hug my brother and me less than a week ago when we visited him. He really loved us and we loved him.

Since he believed in God all his life, I think he is better off where he is now.

Bernth Roberthson

Bernth Roberthson

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