Under control again

I have been a bit lost during the last week. I lost control over my internship situation when I almost rationalized myself away at Tredje Statsmakten. I have worked to build up, streamline and automate the work of social media for Medierna for some weeks now. When we were all satisfied with the solutions I ended up with not enough things to do. I got a bit bored and started to feel bad over the whole situation. Those days when I had things to do I enjoyed my time at Tredje Statsmakten, but when I didn’t have anything to do I felt dissatisfied and not as a part of the group. Now I don’t blame anyone for this, I still like Tredje Statsmakten a lot, they are great journalists and I love to listen to their discussions. Internship means practice, and practice is most often trial and error. None of us knew how it would end up and even if I have personal experiences from social media, I have never worked with social media for a commercial purpose before. Apart from the summer blog I wrote last summer.

But problems are there to solve. I talked to the persons involved and after some discussions, I decided to find an alternative company to do my internship at for 50% of the time. But since it’s just five weeks left of my intership period it felt stupid to go to a completely new place and just work 50% of the time. It’s just… eleven days. That’s why I now will go back to Habit. The fashion industry magazine where I had my first internship in March-April. It won’t be the same thing as last time though. Only one person on the editorial staff remains of those I worked with last spring and they are now working in an open plan office, instead of their personal offices as when I was there. So I think that even if it’s the same magazine, I will get new useful work experiences.

The fact that Medierna and Habit are working with such diverse journalism, makes me think I will have five great and varied weeks in front of me. And now when things are under control, I feel good and happy again.

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