Nov 30 2009

The storm about Urban Outfitters

Important Update 2009-12-01: was never hacked. The guy who took control over the site has been the owner of the domain name for several years. Anything illegal has therefore never happened.

It has been some tough days for the Fashion store Urban Outfitters during the weekend but it has been even tougher days for the employees. But thanks to the Internet and social media the fight is on.

Three days ago I read at that the fashion store Urban Outfitters is terminating all its staff in Stockholm after they requested a collective agreement. Of course I thought Urban Outfitters treats their staff badly but I didn’t think much more about it at that point. And since I had a weekend without a computer in front of me I kind of missed the upcoming storm. Yesterday, on the train back home I read the Twitter feed on my cellphone and understood that was hacked since Saturday afternoon. When I came home I realized that the page was a search generated twitter feed on the keywords and #urbanoutfitters_se. Most of the tweets were from people stating they were going to boycott Urban Outfitters or wishing them a bad Christmas sales. Badly enough I didn’t take a screenshot of it, something I really regret today and this morning Urban Outfitters had control over their site again (it took a pretty long time in my opinion). Nikke Lindqvist took a screenshot with his iPhone though, at the Saturday when the page pointed to the new Facebook group. looked like this during the saturday. Screenshot by Nikke Lindqvist. looked like this during the saturday.Screenshot by Nikke Lindqvist.

As I wrote above there was a new group at Facebook called Shame on you Urban Outfitters. At the moment the group has 8.420 members and it’s steadily increasing. Together the group members are gathering facts and links to articles about the situation and spreading the word all over Facebook. There is also a petition started at which at the moment has got 680 signatures and the articles at Aftonbladet Debatt have totally got over 300 comments. Today there have also been people handing out flyers outside the store.

Personally I usually don’t sympathize with hackers. Now I don’t know what kind of relation the guy who hacked took control over has to the company. I do not have any insight in the company itself either so I don’t know much of the story behind the situation and maybe someone felt that this was the only way to get the discussion started.

What I know for sure though is that I like how social media can be a tool for people to gather up and discuss about situations that engage them. Without the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and the comments on, the discussion about the situation of the employees at Urban Outfitters wouldn’t have gotten proportions anywhere near this. Hereby I declare this as a good example of how social media can be used for good purposes. And now we can only hope for the best for the employees at Urban Outfitters.

Here is the story about Urban Outfitters according to the local news at TV4. The report is after 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

Nov 24 2009

Under control again

I have been a bit lost during the last week. I lost control over my internship situation when I almost rationalized myself away at Tredje Statsmakten. I have worked to build up, streamline and automate the work of social media for Medierna for some weeks now. When we were all satisfied with the solutions I ended up with not enough things to do. I got a bit bored and started to feel bad over the whole situation. Those days when I had things to do I enjoyed my time at Tredje Statsmakten, but when I didn’t have anything to do I felt dissatisfied and not as a part of the group. Now I don’t blame anyone for this, I still like Tredje Statsmakten a lot, they are great journalists and I love to listen to their discussions. Internship means practice, and practice is most often trial and error. None of us knew how it would end up and even if I have personal experiences from social media, I have never worked with social media for a commercial purpose before. Apart from the summer blog I wrote last summer.

But problems are there to solve. I talked to the persons involved and after some discussions, I decided to find an alternative company to do my internship at for 50% of the time. But since it’s just five weeks left of my intership period it felt stupid to go to a completely new place and just work 50% of the time. It’s just… eleven days. That’s why I now will go back to Habit. The fashion industry magazine where I had my first internship in March-April. It won’t be the same thing as last time though. Only one person on the editorial staff remains of those I worked with last spring and they are now working in an open plan office, instead of their personal offices as when I was there. So I think that even if it’s the same magazine, I will get new useful work experiences.

The fact that Medierna and Habit are working with such diverse journalism, makes me think I will have five great and varied weeks in front of me. And now when things are under control, I feel good and happy again.

Nov 22 2009

How does Christmas sound to you?

Soon it is Christmas time and as soon as it is Advent, I use to start making my list of Christmas songs to listen to. In old times it used to be in winamp, now it’s in Spotify. This year I have started one week earlier, because I want a crowd sourced Christmas playlist. I want you to add your favourite Christmas songs to the playlist and hopefully both you and me will discover some new favourites.

I only have two rules for this crowd sourcing which I hope you will follow.

  1. Do not delete tracks just because you don’t like them.
  2. Do not add any songs by Kikki Danielsson.


Nov 22 2009

In good company

Today Niclas Strandh also known as Deeped on Twitter started to list people he is following on Twitter who has a link to their blog in their bio. I had the great honor of falling in list number one. Deeped and I have only followed each other on Twitter since May this year, and since he is following more than 2000 people, I am proud to be mentioned at the same list as people who I really look up to, for example, Nikke Lindqvist and Joakim Jardenberg. I also got some nice words about me and this blog that made me warm and happy inside.

The only bad thing about this is that I really get performance anxiety over this blog. I really need to blog more about all those things I think that I should blog about but never end up in the blog. Hmm, maybe it aint no bad thing after all… just a kick in my lazy butt. Although I won’t write any more blog posts today before I am finished with the concept description for my final project in school, deadline is today and even though most of it is in my head I haven’t written a sign yet.

Nov 22 2009

With spring -10 in mind

Yesterday my classmates Sanna, Lorraine, Jenny and I gathered up in Jennys kitchen for some brainstorming about the spring. And we had a good evening, where we were totally spitting out ideas. We were bouncing ideas about our individual final projects which we will do during the spring term. We discussed a little side project which we hopefully will start to work with as soon as possible. And we also started to plan for an upcoming event in May. I don’t know how much I can write about anything of this yet but I do know that I will blog more about it during the spring. Keep your eyes open, because this will be interesting stuff.

All in all, we had a great Saturday with great discussions. We also realised that we can have fun a Saturday night without party and lots of alcohol involved, something I welcome with open arms.

Nov 19 2009

Let me show you a secret

Sorry my non swedish readers, here is a swedish movie to someone who deserves thanks.

Nov 19 2009

I’m fighting

I am in the lead in the competition at with the notice that was put up in the house where I live. Although I am closely followed by my classmate Lorraine and her Original Gangsta shit and now she has decided to try to beat me. That’s why I need your help. Vote ten stars for my entry and I will hopefully win a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. If I am still in the lead at December 4th I will win the cellphone. So vote for me please!

Nov 9 2009

79% of my classmates are on Twitter

Lately I have heard alot of stories about Swedish journalist students absence at Twitter. A lot of journalist students don’t even seem to know what Twitter is, which in my ears sounds alarming. But don’t worry, I can tell you there is hope for the future because there is a group of students in this country called KNM08, also known as my classmates.

I am at my second and final year, studying Communication new media at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. The education is pretty wide but concentrated to focus on new media and a third of it is internship periods. In the future me and my classmates will probably work as web editors, journalists, informants, copy writers, pr consultants or social media strategists for example. Our first week in school, just over a year ago, we had a lecture held by Annika Lidne about social media. We got introduced to Twitter and from the beginning most of us didn’t really understand how we could use it. For me it took even three months before I registered a Twitter account. Having an account didn’t make it for me though. It took about four additional months before Twitter hit the fan for me and I understood how useful it can be. I started to follow more interesting people and I got followers myself, not only spammers and irl friends. After the summer more and more classmates of mine followed my line and the hashtag #knm08 was born. I should also add to this story that Annika Lidne isn’t the only Twitter active lecturer we’ve had in school during the past year. For example we have also listened to and had workshops with Joakim Nyström, Björn Falkevik and Johan Lange who all should have thanks for bringing social media to KNM08.

During the last weeks even the late adopters in my class have started to investigate the world of tweets and now 22 of my 28 classmates are on Twitter. Most of us are also active tweeters and at Twitter we communicate with each other but also with our future colleagues. Twitter has become a great tool for us to get an insight in our future labour market and the industry we will work with. I have actually even got my current internship at Medierna through Twitter.

So if you are on Twitter, say hello to my fellow classmates, they are great guys, really.

Nov 2 2009

All Saints’ Weekend

All Saints’ Weekend has just passed. In Sweden people celebrate Halloween at All Saints’ Day which in my eyes is completely wrong as I wrote last year. In Stockholm the Halloween parties are even more established than in other cities in Sweden I think, and while my friends were celebrating their Halloween I had a weekend on my own. It was very nice, I cleaned my apartment, did the laundry and relaxed. I also lit three candles for my loved ones who have passed away and listened to the Benny song.

Nov 2 2009

Love in the house

To bad I am not involved. But some of my neighbours are.

I thought this story (swedish) was kinda funny so I sent it to Feel free to vote for it or push it. There is a sequel to the story, so keep your eyes open.