I am listening to one of Markus Krunegårds new albums. Lev som en gris dö som en hund. The sixth track on the album called Benny makes me think about old times in Norrköping. Benny was from the same hood as me. Even though he was drunk or high on drugs every time I met him during the final years of his life, he was one of the nicest guys I knew when I grew up. And it was just as Krunegård is singing, Benny wanted to live in freedom. There should be more people like Benny, he was never mean to anyone. It’s always sad when people like Benny are leaving us but I am happy to have known him.

When I am thinking of Benny I also feel happy, he always made people around him happy. I think about all the other guys who lived in the neighbourhood, those who were his closest friends. Some of them were my closest friends when I was even younger. Nice guys with a bit different plans for their future than me. Different but still alike.

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