What will I become when I grow up?

I walked out from school with a big smile upon my face. It just lasted for a minute or two though before anxiety was on my mind…

Today was the day when I’d set my alarm at 6am just to not miss the laundry time I had re-booked when I got to know that my teacher in journalism was coming to school today to give us personal feedback. I was tired but I took my time with the laundry, ate breakfast and dressed myself between the runs to the laundry room. I ran to the subway in the rain and arrived in school about 15 mins late. Even though I was  late I got to wait half an hour or so before it was time for me to get my judgement. Since I haven’t been writing much before this education and the Swedish teaching – from I was 14 until I finished mandatory school at 19 – was close to non-existent no one has ever really told me anything about my writing. For the first time in my life someone was gonna tell me if my baby is a good or a bad boy. I was actually a bit nervous. Minutes later I was overwhelmed. The words I heard my teacher say was close to unbelievable for me. I was shocked but really happy when I walked out from school but as soon as I rounded the corner I felt anxiety. Will this have any consequences for my future? Am I supposed to work as a writer when I grow up? I thought I was just a lame computer geek who won’t become anything else than someone sitting in a corner working with stuff that someone else would get the creds for. Now I am confused, I really have to decide what to do with my life, I am 27 years old and haven’t had a permanent job yet. I had a plan when applying for this education, now it’s all turned upside down.

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