Jun 29 2009

Summer blogging

I am now also blogging (in swedish) at work. The url is www.sandstroms.nu/blogg/. Feel free to follow me there as well :)

Jun 29 2009

I just realised

That my blog looks like crap with Internet Explorer. Why hasn’t anyone told me? I know I have readers using ie.

Jun 26 2009


As you might have understood from my earlier posts it was my birthday today. I celebrated my 27 years together with my family. I enjoyed my time and the weather was perfect.

Grandma, Maria, Grandpa

Jun 26 2009

Number 2

Number 2, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

To make this day even more special I made this.

Jun 26 2009


Cake, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

It’s a special day today so I’ve made a cake.

Jun 25 2009

Welcome to our world Alice

I just got the cutest mms I have ever got. Congratz Stefan and Pernilla and welcome to the world Alice Doverud!


Jun 25 2009

I just had a visitor

juni-164I managed to scare him away though when I tried to take a closer picture.

Jun 22 2009


So.. Now I am in Norrköping. And I am already bored. I have this week off before I start working but tomorrow I am going on a little trip to the head office which hopefully will lead to some “homework” for the rest of the week. Because it is boring to do nothing, at least in this town.

Jun 19 2009

My view

My view, originally uploaded by Mariahagglof.

This is about what I see from the floor on the train that is taking me to Gnesta. Happy midsummer holiday!

Jun 18 2009

A friend in need, is a friend indeed

Today I was in big trouble.  I was packing for a midsummer holiday in the country and seven weeks in Östergötland when I realised:

  1. I don’t have bags enough to carry all the stuff I need to bring.
  2. Even with bags there is no chance on earth I will be able to carry all the stuff on a train.

After a lot of phone calls, messaging and so on I am now set to go and that is all thanks to my friends. I wouldn’t have solved this without them. Thanks to Jenny who lent me a bag everything is now packed. Thanks to Josefin, Björn and Josefins father, who brought my stuff on his way home from work, most of my stuff is already at Josefins place where I am gonna spend the midsummer holiday. And thanks to Tobias I will get my things to Östergötland on Saturday.

I love my friends and would be nothing without them.

So, tomorrow I am leaving Stockholm for atleast seven weeks in Östergötland. I will work most of the time but also spend some time with friends and family. The bad things about leaving now is that Stockholm is beautiful in the summer but I will maybe go back for a weekend or so when I have a saturday off work.